Fat, Drunk, and Stupid is No Way to Go Through Life, Son

Fat Drunk Stupid.jpg

I was kind of hoping someone would explain things to Lewis Capaldi, but I guess there is no functioning music industry in the whole of England anymore. It’s one thing to act the clown and get people to listen to you because they don’t know if you’re going to collapse in a heap of your own barf, but, Jeez, dude.

You don’t have to demean yourself to get attention.

You don’t have to make yourself the butt of every joke.

You don’t have to put boxes on your limbs and pretend like you don’t have issues.

You can get up in front of people and sing songs and have fun. I think that’s the most reasonable explanation that is available. Let your songs be your calling card. Be friendly and happy if that’s your thing. You don’t have to be savage and moody and you don’t have to be one of those infighting Gallagher brothers.

Does Capaldi have management? Have they given up?

Billy Corgan Defends Donald Trump, Hilarity Ensues

Billy Corgan casts doubts on the whole Russian pee hookers angle to the news, and that's fine. Billy is never going to say anything reasonable as long as he knows he can rile people up and get a reaction. I get that. But the problem with Corgan's logic is that everyone knows Trump isn't worth what he says he's worth--he's a serial liar. He lies about everything.

When you have an individual who lies about his association with the Russians, and when he goes insane at the very idea that someone knows what he did when he travelled there, you arrive at a point where it isn't necessary to wonder about the particulars. Trump is on tape denying that he told A. J. Benza about Russian prostitutes, so what are we to think? Trump used to tell Benza all kinds of things. He is known to brag about sexually assaulting women and that he has been promiscuous

As for the idea that billionaires don't hire hookers, well. Corgan needs to get out more.