Julian Casablancas is a Useful Idiot


Nobody has to listen to what Julian Casablancas has to say about anything ever again:

Julian Casablancas has argued how the “whole mainstream resistance” to Donald Trump “completely misses the point” because the President is “just like a symbolic facade, puppet of the real problems”.

The Strokes frontman recently spoke to Rolling Stone, admitting that he is somewhat a fan of Russia Today because the controversial TV network gives airtime to American dissidence, despite “obviously” also being pro-Putin propaganda.

“The dissident voices like Martin Luther King and Malcolm X, you used to see them a little bit in the mainstream,” Casablancas said. “And now it’s so repressed that people have to go to like, RT, to speak their opinion, and now they’re trying to shut RT down.”

“It’s almost like the new Star Wars where there’s like 10 people left on a ship and that’s, like, the Resistance. That’s all that’s left.”

Well, that guy turned out to be a fucking idiot. First, it's as if he has no idea America elected Barack Obama, and I would be shocked if this guy has ever voted anywhere, ever. Second, RT is Russian state propaganda, designed to influence other countries to split up, fall apart, and go to war with themselves. Third, if you're savvy enough to note that RT is obviously pro-Putin, then how is it you haven't figured out that it serves as a means to hiding what Putin is really doing to Russia and to Western democracy?


Someone is Mad at Morrissey in Spanish

Morrissey en Espanol.jpg

Have you read a lot of think pieces about how people shouldn't be mad at Morrissey because he said some things about Kevin Spacey that were meant to convey his own point of view about human relations? I hope you've gotten through a few of them before you stumble though mine on your way to happier things.

Here's one in Spanish. He won't play Argentina. Damn, dude.

I will not defend Morrissey--he can do that himself.

I do think people are misunderstanding one salient point--older human beings who chase after younger human beings for sex are doing something unethical, illegal, and unmistakably evil. Never mind that we are programmed by nature to seek out mates who will carry our emissions and the results of our aggression forward into the future. Society is the reorganization of such things. Yeah, it's fun to bash someone in the head and take their stuff, but we don't allow that. We look for enlightenment and the common good when we organize ourselves into situations that prevent this from happening.

I believe the point Morrissey was making was, "where were the parents?" Or, to expand on the idea, "what did you think was going to happen when you entered the orbit of this horny man who seems charming but can't keep his hands out of your goddamned pants?"

This is not a popular sentiment. You can't blame bad parenting on everything. I think you can say that a parent who would let their minor child party with actors until the wee hours of the morning unsupervised have opened the door to the possibility that someone might take advantage of their child. I totally understand that.

You are not to blame for being sexually assaulted. But, for people of a certain age when it was understood that going into certain places with certain kinds of people would probably result in horrible outcomes, you should know better. I don't agree with the "you should know better" part but I do understand how that idea has worked its way through the culture. Angela Lansbury is a great example of it.

This sort of thing is commonplace in small towns and big towns and in every facet of American life. There's a Kevin Spacey in the auto-detailing community in such-and-such suburb of whatever town you can name. This fucker fucks around, and he's been getting away with it because what the fuck are you going to do, he's at the top of the auto-detailing game in this town. There is a universality of it all. Spacey is a prominent American artist who has been a successful actor for decades. 

Yelling at Morrissey in any language isn't the solution. Being mad at the specific people who can't stop sexually assaulting people is the better way to go.