Ian Brown Gives Others a Helping Hand

Ian Brown is trying to make a difference in the lives of other people. Instead of cashing in, he's handing out money to qualified students who want to get into the music industry.

I've been reading War and Peace, which is a book about The Stone Roses, and it talks at length about the humble origins of everyone in the band. No one came from money, everyone struggled for years on little or nothing beyond what the dole gave them, and the band was ripped off like few others have ever been ripped off. These are the British kids who survived Thatcherism in Manchester. They put on flares and then their fans put on the same thing. They were arbiters of the culture in which they lived.

They were ripped off by their record company. They were responsible for bringing dance music into the Indie scene and were hugely influential. Tons of bands made bank copying their style and sound. Their management would sell t-shirts and Reni hats at their huge concert events and the band would never see any of that money.

Did this make Ian Brown greedy and bitter? Hell no. He's as regular today as he was back then about helping others.