Face It

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There should be a dozen books about Blondie, and I don’t know if that would even approach the idea of telling the whole story of the band.

Debbie Harry is a serious artist and she should be treated as such. I waved away that dismissive nonsense from the Washington Post that popped up the other day because there will always be people who didn’t understand the drive that Harry had to make popular music and succeed on her own terms. Yes, there was an entire band behind her, as well as management and producers and they all did incredible, ground-breaking work.

But someone had to stand out in front and sing, and that made her an icon. Now you get to read about how she felt about it.

Bauhaus Undead

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Don't tell anyone, but I am a huge fan of Bauhaus and really, really good books.

English goth rock band Bauhaus will have their career chronicled in a new book. It’s called BAUHAUS UNDEAD: The Visual History and Legacy of Bauhaus, and it’s curated by original member Kevin Haskins. Haskins shared personal materials and recollections from the band’s run. The book features handmade flyers, backstage passes, photos, contracts, handwritten lyrics, a Bauhaus comic strip, and more. See the cover art, as well as images from the book, below. Find more information and updates on the book here, and read an excerpt from the “Iggy Pop” chapter here.

This is probably more nostalgia than anyone is prepared for. There was a veritable industry around Bauhaus, using their look, their philosophy, and their incredible run of albums and tours to craft an indelible goth image. This is some of the very best art that you can find from that era.