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Stevie Nicks

Stevie Nicks rooftop 1981

When Tom Petty died, it reminded me of his collaboration with Stevie Nicks, which was a brilliant and groundbreaking move for both of them as artists. Nicks has always been overshadowed by the men she played with, whether it was Petty or Lindsey Buckingham. 

This photo, from a book by Neal Preston, captures the spirit of Stevie Nicks without trying to place her in the context of a partnership or duet.


Oasis Live Forever Cover

This single broke Oasis wide open, and helped vault their debut album into the stratosphere. Live Forever was more than just some Britpop throwaway. It rose above the genre and defined the Oasis phenomenon. Every subsequent single rode this wave of optimism in the face of bullshit, lies, and blank stares.

The sleeve features the childhood home of John Lennon on Menlove Avenue, and it is one of those fantastic collaborations between Microdot and Michael Spencer Jones. How many singles put the lyrics on the back? Am I right?