NME Still Handing Out Shitty Reviews


I don’t think a two star review for Ian Brown’s new album is going to hurt it a bit. In fact, this criticism will probably be forgotten, and soon because his records don’t seem to age a bit. The old NME doesn’t have the reach that it used to.

A new Ian Brown album is the arrival of something challenging and thought out, and it usually takes a while to hear what he’s cooked up. I remember when his first and third records dropped, and I really had to work at getting where he was at and what he was bringing into the fold. I’m glad I never gave up on him because his body of work is superb, it really is.

From what I’ve heard so far, Ripples is going to be a challenging album for the times, and that’s a damned good thing. Brown has incorporated his offspring and new grooves and new beats into what he wants you to have. First World Problems is a killer track, so I automatically don’t trust what the fucking NME have to say, as per usual. Listen to them and none of your favorite records make sense, do they?


The Brian Jonestown Massacre Will Never Let You Down


How the hell do they keep doing it?

Fresh off the back of a world tour, Brian Jonestown Massacre have announced the release date of their 18th full-length album, Getintothis’ Mostyn Jones reports.

Coming just 7 months after 2018’s Something Else, the self-titled record was recorded in frontman Anton Newcombe’s own Berlin studio early last year, and will be available on March 15 on A Recordings.

The band have teased the album with a full track list and lead single, Cannot Be Saved, a rumbling psych-rock tune with a belter guitar solo and fuzzy production that hints at their early shoegaze-inspired work.

Having been based in Berlin for over a decade now, it’s no surprise that Newcombe has put together a roster of international talent for this iteration of the band’s ever-evolving line up.

The album features Scandinavian bassist Heike Marie Radeker, of noise rockers LeVent; the Icelandic guitarist Hakon Adalsteinsson, of Singapore Sling and Third Sound; along with fellow US expat Sara Neidorf on drums; and guest vocals from Rike Bienert, who has appeared on previous BJM releases.

I’m telling you, if all of your old bands are disappointing you, find a way to acquire some BJM and have your mind blown. They are always recording, always releasing exciting, vital music and they seem to always be on the way to your town.