Urban Hymns Deluxe Box Set


The Verve are set to release a deluxe 20th anniversary edition of their 1997 album ‘Urban Hymns’.

The release will come in four different formats including the standard remastered CD, a deluxe two-disc CD version, a super deluxe 5 disc CD plus bonus DVD box set and a triple LP box set.

Given how extensive this re-release will be, I cannot imagine that the band won't reform to promote it in some fashion. If they do, they'll take a hold of their legacy and put themselves on a proper footing. The almost orgasmic reaction to Radiohead's OK Computer reissue exposed something very apparent--Urban Hymns was, by far, the better album and was better received.

Will they get back together? Of course not. The well has been poisoned, but here's hoping I'm wrong.