Beyonce Said Something True Last Night

I thought the whole Superbowl Halftime Extravaganza Pepsi Show was a steaming turd, top to bottom, but, then again, I always hate these things. Not interested would be my mantra.

It turns out that conservatives didn't like it either, but not for my snobbish reasons. No, they didn't like it because Beyonce sang something true with dignity:
Beyoncé has never been received particularly well by the Fox News crowd, and last night’s Super Bowl halftime performance of her brand new song “Formation” was no exception.

The backlash started early Monday morning on Fox & Friends, where, just five minutes past the 6 a.m. hour, the hosts began to lay into what they viewed as inappropriate thematic material for the most-watched television event of the year.

While Steve Doocy thought Coldplay was just OK and Bruno Mars was “fantastic,” he telegraphed his point by noting that Beyoncé “was in there too.”
If Steve Doocy thinks Coldplay were "just OK" then I don't think Coldplay are going to make another album. And if they really didn't like Beyonce, it's probably because she is against the indiscriminate killing of African-Americans by police officers. You'd think everyone would get behind the idea that police officers shouldn't kill African-Americans and get away with it (sounds pretty conservative to me!) but you would be wrong. Fox News is where pro-killing people go to commiserate about the gun shortage and Obummer and tyranny and all that.

Hey, everyone needs a hand to hold on to. I felt the same way when Springsteen did the half time show. Good Lord, who likes this stuff? The whole thing is fake anyway--they're either lip-syncing to a backing track or singing live over taped music in a stadium where the sound is horrible and the acoustics are non-existent.