Miley Cyrus Shames the Music Community

Aside from Jeff Tweedy, who else has done anything to protest what just happened in Indiana?

Where are the big guns? When is the benefit concert for people trying to leave Indiana going to happen? How do we get out the word? And why isn't there more outrage?

Tweedy, apparently, has decided to play Indiana now that the anti-gay law was changed. But Miley Cyrus, of all people, was out in front of of this issue before everyone else. She risked alienation and condemnation to actually take a stand about something important.

When a pop star uses their status to rail against something bigoted and hateful, and when there is a general indifference to that sort of thing coming from everyone else, you can't help but notice how musicians and the music business in general has fallen from a great height. Never in my life has music been this far from relevance.