Funny What Money Can Do

These people aren't done making money from nostalgia:
A source familiar with The Grateful Dead confirms to Billboard that the band has been at least "considering" a gig in Santa Clara, Calif., the weekend before the Fare The Well concerts in Chicago July 4 weekend that were billed as the final Dead shows.
A report on the fan blog first put out the "rumor" that the Dead would soon be announcing two more shows the weekend before Fare Thee Well in Chicago, which would be June 27-28.
This would be the show where tickets are selling for tens of thousands of dollars, of course, and as soon as someone figured out that there could be, um, an opportunity to do that somewhere else, well. That's when the cash register dinged and it didn't occur to anyone to start monetizing this internationally.

They could hold fifty of these shows and make an insane amount of money just by playing American underground music. Wanna bet that's what happens next?