Johnny Marr Says Something Negative About a Smiths Reunion

You have to hand it to Johnny Marr--he's great at throwing water on the idea of Smith's reunion. In my personal opinion, someone will come up with a number soon and The Smiths will reunite as a three piece with a hired drummer. The bad blood between Morrissey and Mike Joyce all but guarantees that the original four members will not reunite. Marr has his camp and Morrissey has his; they are still sustaining their lifestyles so there's no need, as of right now, to take the money and run. The Stone Roses just weren't that lucky.

If no one meets the price, the band will not get back together. In and of itself, this is not a bad marketing ploy. People still go to see Marr and Morrissey because they know that the band won't reform. This kind of hope maintains a fair amount of interest in whatever they're selling. Smiths fans aren't going to buy anymore of their albums because they already own them so sales are not a motivating factor. They do support new material from the two camps. That's what keeps things moving.