Album Delays and Commercial Indifference

This is a BBC article about how things are going for Beyonce right now; her next album has some "issues" apparently:
The latest reports from inside Camp Beyoncé say the singer has scrapped the 50 tracks in consideration for her fifth studio album and decided to start over. Ne-Yo, one of the artists whose songs were reportedly shelved, said Beyoncé was “still trying to figure out” a direction for the album in June, according to the Hollywood Reporter. Who knows how much truth there is to these reports, because Beyoncé and her record label, Columbia Records, haven’t commented. But something’s clearly amiss. 
Last February Beyoncé headlined the Super Bowl halftime and launched a major arena tour this summer. Micro-managed pop stars usually commit to that kind of schedule only when there’s new product to push. Multi-million-dollar marketing campaigns for big albums are the cultural equivalent of the D-Day Invasion – plotted months in advance to saturate media and heighten public awareness. And yet there’s still no sign of the follow-up to Beyoncé’s 2011 release, 4. 

Is it fair to compare Peter Gabriel's disastrous album, Up, to what's happening with Beyonce?

The Up album was a flop commercially but it did have strong tracks and strong performances. It was not an artistic failure; the market that it was delivered into was not very accepting of what Gabriel was offering. It was dark and possessive and unhappy, and it reflected the life that he was leading. And, really, how do you follow up one of music's perfect albums, So, and not let people down?