Wayne Coyne is Out of Ideas

When you're forced to cover someone else's entire album again and again, you are probably out of ideas, especially when you deride the actual work you're covering out of some misguided sense of insecurity. What's the point of covering someone else's entire album unless you just can't think of anything better to do? I don't get why Phish would do that and I certainly don't understand why Wayne Coyne would do what Phish has done and just regurgitate the work of others. Come up with your own stuff or shut the hell up.

If the first Stone Roses album is "virtually the same song over and over again," then why was it more successful than anything your own lame cover band ever put out? Why is it routinely voted one of the greatest debut albums in the history of rock and roll and why is it a virtual lock on the British top ten every time it is discussed?

I've never really understood the appeal of the Flaming Lips. Being weird on purpose is a gimmick that covers up your inability to actually perform. Lots of people like them. But, lots of people buy Creed albums as well. The Flaming Lips are like the Creed of the indie world--no one expects much but damn, they do sell some units, don't they?