The Lamest Band in America

You can't get any more delusional than Pete Wentz of Fall Out Boy, which is now the lamest band in America.

Being a "Guns N'Roses" style rock star is dead and buried, and that's a damned good thing for music. Living in that kind of a craven, unhealthy past is something that no one should long for. Does Wentz want to see women objectified and treated like prizes? Does he not understand that hair metal was as misogynistic and ridiculous then as it is now? Having a bloated record contract, massive intake of drugs and alcohol, and a creative dry spell running nearly twenty years is what Wentz wants? Screw him.

It's time for a revival of punk, and the Do It Yourself ethic. It's time for people to make music for themselves and put it out there and make a good living doing so. It's time for people to stop stealing music and to support artists. It's time to kill off the lame bands like Fall Out Boy and embrace the future.