The Cure and New Order Are On Tour

This item about Lollapalooza made me laugh.

Here, you have The Cure receiving what should be top billing for a show and, buried in the list of oh-by-the-way bands you have:
Also confirmed to play: Nine Inch Nails, Phoenix, the Postal Service, Vampire Weekend, New Order, Queens of the Stone Age, The Lumineers and The National.
How messed up is that? You have a chance to see The Cure and New Order at an event (I'm guessing they will be playing on different days) and it isn't newsworthy enough to mention? How is it that we are living in 2013 and the fact that both The Cure and New Order are on tour isn't a huge, oh-my-God kind of a big fucking deal?

I guess music just doesn't matter anymore.