No One Ever Pays Attention to Underground Music

I can't figure out what Steve Lamaq is actually saying here. Does he mean to suggest that there was a time when people were paying attention to underground music in far off places and were tuned into the sounds being made by kids who didn't have major label record deals?

That's been the case since forever. No one is going to pay attention to the ten or twenty unsigned bands who are playing once or twice a month gigs in Sheffield unless someone can figure out how to make money off of them. And, even then, who will really pay attention unless it's free on the Internet so that the band can fall apart because no one has any money? The economics of the music business require bands to play live, establish an expensive presence on the Internet, maintain that presence by being social media aware, and to give their recorded music away just to get some interest paid to the gigs they play and the stuff they can sell outside of the venue. It's crucially important to note that there just isn't any money to be made anymore--no one's going to offer them tens of thousands of pounds to go make a record and no one is going to sign them because they're the eighth most popular band in Leeds.

What is Lamaq going to play on the radio? The songs the bands can't record because no one will pay them for a recording session? The session they can't record in his studio because they're unable to make the trip down to London?

Underground music has never been appreciated in my lifetime. Why would anyone start paying attention now?