The Jesus and Mary Chain April Skies Single

April Skies is the highest charting single from the Jesus and Mary Chain (I would have guessed the collaboration with Hope Sandoval, Sometime/Anywhere), and it came out when the band was riding an amazing creative streak throughout guitar music. The Eighties were a horrible time for guitar music, and the Jesus and Mary Chain were one of the few good things that managed to stem that tide.

This single is a complete and utter piece of genius, and I love the cover and the typography on the back. If you're going to thumb your nose at the people who think you're blasphemous, why not embrace it and get it out there for all to see? The Jesus and Mary Chain were absolutely fearless. They didn't care what anyone thought of them. Why were they controversial? The name? The Catholicism and all that? Who even remembers? It was just great music.