The Cure Pictures of You EP

I would rank the Pictures of You EP up there with one of the best things of 1990, and I think it is one of the best singles from The Cure.

Coming during one of the most prolific periods for the band, they owned the world with the Disintegration album. Massive tours, videos everywhere, and songs that immortalized the idea of doing it the right way.

What I love about the cover is that I still have the same reaction to it that I had when it first came out--it's the perfect mix of mystery and suggestion, and it tells the story of the song almost as well as the song itself. It appeals precisely because it is a personal, looking in, over the shoulder view of a life lived in bedrooms and the inner space owned by bands like The Cure.

How Robert Smith could translate something so personal into an arena tour of the world is the mystery nobody making music right now could even bother to attempt to figure out on their own.