Taylor Swift Is Clingy, Insane, And Desperate

If you take a moment to really try and understand what is going on with Taylor Swift, you come away with several key things to consider.

Right up front, she has tendencies that could be best described as clingy, desperate and insane because if she wasn't, at least one person she has dated would still be with her. You don't leave behind a string of men without being difficult in some way, unless you have other issues. Typically, men don't break up with fabulous women. Typically.

But let's talk about one thing that people tend to overlook. She's been "famous" or in the public eye for almost seven years and she's still only 23 years of age. This is incredibly young to be thinking about settling down or getting married or doing anything along those lines. And yet, she's had enough "relationships," if you can call them that, to compete with any of a number of women in their thirties. This is because her reaction to the end of those relationships far outweighs their significance because of her youth.

There's absolutely nothing wrong with the fact that she's dated as many men as she has dated; it has been her reaction to the failure of those relationships that has gathered all of this attention around her. It has been the consistently ridiculous manner in which these public romances have been her career, almost as much as making music has been her career.

This is where she needs to look to independent artists and some of the people who have come before her. You can be successful and you can make great music if you use other people and the pain they cause you to feed that creativity. But, at some point, after it has eaten you up, what are you going to do for a second act? Where do you deviate and grow as an artist and learn to experience things outside of immature love affairs? Where does it become something other than your own payback for men who have wronged you?

How would you like to be the guy who dates her next? No one worth dating would ever hook up with her. That would be more abuse and unwanted attention than any decent person would want. Hence, the only thing left for her to do is to get on a downward spiral, being used again and again by men who only want to use her as a means to another end.

At this point, she does need, as Tina Fey said, some "me" time. She needs to grow up, create something that isn't fed by taking revenge on others, and she needs to go away for a while.

Isn't the problem more about her being overexposed than anything else?