One More Dodge From People Who Want Everything to be Free

The "survey" that you will find if you click over continues to push the idea that the people who steal music actually buy more of it than anyone else. This is an idea that has been pushed for the better part of a decade as a way of deflecting criticism from the various sites used to cheat artists out of the money they should be earning.

How is anyone supposed to feel good about the fact that, by the survey's own admission, the average listener has stolen roughly 62% of the songs they "own" or possess? How is anyone going to deny the fact that artists are struggling and that releasing an album today is like handing it away for nothing?

If things were that great, there would be people thriving and cashing in on it and those people would be the artists themselves. In reality, it is the people who steal copyrighted material who continue to thrive. And they thrive by trumpeting surveys that show that people are doing one thing while doing another. Somewhere, a struggling artist is making a decision as to whether or not to keep making music. The only way to do so nowadays is to have a valid plan to play live, get paid, and hope that there are royalties from a recorded piece of music.

There are virtually no other outlets for an artist to get paid anymore. Anyone who thinks that a label is going to front a promising artist $100,000 or more to record an album on a scale similar to that of the 1980s or 1990s is kidding themselves. Artists now have to figure out how to survive when there is almost no possible way to make money from selling pre-recorded music.

If everything that has been said about how "sharing" music through peer-to-peer networks was going to create self-sustaining business models for artists had actually come true, we would not be where we are today. Everything you were told about downloading those free albums was a lie.