Pawn Shop Guitars

I can't help but laugh at how ridiculous this case has been.

First, you have the inflated value of guitars revealed here. And, make no mistake about it--the inflated value of "vintage" guitars is a sham and a bubble that will burst and ruin a lot of people. These instruments may have been "precious" because of the sentimental value attached to them but they were not worth $100,000.

Second, you have the idiot who stole the guitars. One human being cannot walk out of a building carrying five guitar cases. Who helped him? Did he make multiple trips?

Third, you have the fact that this was done at a facility where there were no cameras, no security personnel, nothing. Was it an inside job?

It's a shame that the fellow who pawned one of the instruments got as much as $250. It would have been a better story if he had gotten just $25 for Petty's 1967 Rickenbacker 12-string. I would have laughed all day at that.