The Stone Roses Are Back Together

Mazzy Star picked a great day to announce they had reformed, didn't they?

The Stone Roses are back together. I guess that means that The Smiths have to reform, right?

The advent of modern technology means that the live recordings of the Roses playing live should be available for purchase. I would hope that any new material recorded would also get a wide release.

And no, I don't care or mind if they are doing it for the money. If this means that they can go their separate ways in a year or so and live the rest of their lives in comfort, I'm all for it. They earned it. They never got paid what they deserved. They changed the music scene in England. They are geniuses.

I think that the photo you see above says it all. Squire looks happy. Mani looks like he has arrived in heaven. Ian Brown is ready to sing and carry on. Reni without a hat? I don't think I have ever seen Reni without a hat, but he is the glue that holds it all together. No Reni, no reunion.

You cannot deny the joy in this picture.

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