The House of Love German LP Covers

Creation and Rough Trade put this out in Germany in 1987. These are fantastic tracks and they show the House of Love beginning to establish themselves as one of the great and vastly underappreciated bands of their era.

This is one of three versions of what we would call a "House of Love" self-titled LP. This early first version skews a bit towards EP length or "mini-album" length. Was it a proper album? Was it just a mini-LP to get The House of Love out there? Or was it just brilliant and raw?

The second version had a radically different cover and a different track listing, and we refer to that as the 1988 album.

The House of Love (1988)

The third version is the "butterfly" album, and it came out in 1990.

The House of Love (1990)

The House of Love would stick with the lettering script style you see on the reverse of the German LP and it shows up on the cover of the 1990 album (they would keep with the hair theme as well). If you look closely at the font on the 1987 version, it's a little more florid. There is more of a flourish on the "L" in "Love." This florid style is a little toned down for the 1990 version. I hasten to name the font.

This is the "Edwardian Script" font and it's as close as I can come to identifying it. It's not an exact match, of course, but it's the closest thing I can find in Word for the Mac, version 2010.

Their subsequent releases all deserve their own posts and their own fully considered commentary. The Butterfly album is a tremendous piece of iconic art. I absolutely love it. I love that album and I love the art that went with it. When it came out, that was it for me. I became a fan of The House of Love forever.

Way back when, (over a year ago!),  I posted this and wondered if I even should try to talk about music and art and marketing, and I wish I had gotten this whole thing off the ground at the time.