Really? You Think Science Backs You Up Here?

I did a blogger-certified double-take when I read this:
"Research shows people perceive Wisconsin to be a more fun place than Illinois or Minnesota," [Wisconsin's Deputy Tourism Secretary Dave] Fantle said. "It's all in the execution. How do we tell the story of fun through creative marketing?"
Whose research? The people who call you up and say, "given that Wisconsin is full of wonderful and exciting destinations, wouldn't you rather go there than big, stupid old Minnesota or crime-ridden Illinois? Huh? Huh?"

You gotta love the "science" behind survey research that tells you exactly what you need to hear in order to promote tourism in your state.

How can you say one state is "a more fun place" and then quantify that? If you go back and read the whole article, it reads like the State of Wisconsin is begging in the most pathetic way for love and affection. Having a flunky who works for the Tourism department go out and try to push the idea that they have "research" to back up their claims is ludicrous. I have research that proves that people who come from Wisconsin are slightly bow-legged and confused in large crowds. And it's based on science! So there.

The problem with Wisconsin is not with the people, or the things to see and visit. The problem is the Wisconsin State Patrol. Having driven across Wisconsin several times (no tickets, of course), I can tell you, they are the worst ambassadors for the state. They hand out speeding tickets like they're going out of style. And I have scientific research that backs that up.
It seems speedy drivers in Wisconsin caught a break while state troopers were monitoring union rallies at the Capitol.
Records show that while the protests were going on in Madison, state troopers wrote about half as many tickets and warnings for speeding and other violations when compared with the same three-week period last year.
State Patrol Maj. Darren Price says there were several reasons for the drop. But he says a key reason was that that 85 troopers were assigned to Capitol security each day.
He says during one shift, 187 troopers were working there.
Records show troopers wrote 9,324 tickets and warnings in the three weeks starting Feb. 14, compared with 19,713 written during that same period in 2010.
See? This is easy, this blogging thing.
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