The Darling Buds Tiny Machine Scans

There's not much here that lends itself to the idea that Tiny Machine was a single released by Welsh band The Darling Buds. The cover doesn't carry that "easy to read" sort of text that some singles hit you with. It's a muddled, confused sort of mess, and it predates the sort of covers that Radiohead would issue with their singles and albums. Two other images came along with the set--a promotional photo of singer Andrea Lewis and an alternate image, and this was part of what was released as a special edition.

The Darling Buds were unable to maintain the momentum of their debut Pop Said..., which I like a great deal. I thought Crawdaddy was a good album but it didn't carry them as far as it should have. The Darling Buds then adopted a more "grunge" style and tried to ride that wave with Erotica, which attempted to steal a little of Madonna's thunder (her "Erotica" album came out a few weeks later). Harley Farr is a very underrated guitarist and composer; Chris McDonogh was the only other original member of the band to stick it out through their year-long American tour and the inevitable change in drummers that happens when things aren't working for a band.

I hate to see bands get lumped into groups. The Darling Buds were thrown in with the whole "blonde wave" movement that happened in the late 1980s, and that was so unfair. They were Welsh and they played some great songs. Their career ended way too soon.