Morrissey Maladjusted Cover

Morrissey's Maladjusted comes with a brilliant cover.

I love "expanded editions," and I think these are well-marketed when sold to fans as opposed to people who casually buy music. Throwing in a bonus 7-inch vinyl single denotes the paying of homage to the days of old when music was consumed that way, and to audiophiles, in general.

A deliberately out-of-focus snapshot takes us back to an earlier era, long before the CD and all of that nonsense. Morrissey looks like he has been leaning up against a post, waiting for someone about to become a former lover to take his picture so they can continue on their travels. It's always about that moment in a relationship when it comes to a lot of the music Morrissey puts out--the moment of betrayal or slouching towards it. The snap is casual and weary. It seems rather off the cuff. Stylistically, it avoids the button-downed and frumpy look--Morrissey is open collared, relaxed, and sporting for comments.

The photo on the back is meant to reassure us--no artsy out-of-focus tricks. Just the songs and the man himself.