The Jazz Butcher Conspiracy Distressed Gentlefolk Covers

I have a version of this on vinyl and CD, but no time to scan it. It's here because it actually informs another project (not another music blog!) that sort of popped into my head.

The Jazz Butcher have a slew of albums no one can really acquire or purchase reasonably because they have not been completely remastered for the new digital age. Their first album, In Bath of Bacon, is all but lost to the ages. You can get it, but it'll cost you. The rest of their catalog is woefully beyond the legalese descriptions of out of print and catalog item removed by owner's request and regretfully unpopular with the cool kids.

In many respects, that's fine. I despise the music of the cool kids. This music is music of the soul and the heart, played straightaway by smart men with drinking on their mind. You can relish in a Jazz Butcher album without caring which version of the band you're listening to. I own them all on vinyl; that's really the best way to go.

Distressed Gentlefolk gives us a stunning track of eternal wonder--Falling in Love. Did Hank Williams write anything as good? No. And I don't care who knows that.

You'll have to trip through the rest. Remember 1986? People actually made music like this on purpose because it was good.