Goldrush The Heart is the Place Cover

Goldrush are an Oxfordshire, England band that I really enjoy listening to. They have some fantastic music out there--please check them out.

Their most recent release, The Heart is the Place, is a continuation of their efforts, and I can't say enough good things about the band (but I will say some critical things about their album cover).

Whose idea was it to copy Radiohead? Especially when Radiohead are also an Oxfordshire band? Was this intentional?

Radiohead uses that "insane asylum dude with a ballpoint pen" type lettering and artwork to great effect on their releases, almost to the point where duplicating it risks having someone like me with a lame blog write about it. The image above is supposed to invoke obsessive emotional distress and practiced originality.

I don't like how this was put together or marketed. The music inside is too good to hide in this kind of packaging.

Also, I can't figure out if Goldrush are on hiatus or defunct. I am hoping for hiatus as they really are that good.