The Church Untitled #23 Digipack

One of the first Digipacks that I purchased came out in 1990, and that was the release for Sting's solo album, The Soul Cages, which was a conscious effort to leave the "longbox" behind and create a more environmentally-friendly package for consumers.

That album came with two sticks that "stiffened" the packaging and made it shaped like a longbox. I never saved those sticks and I can barely recall whether there was some piece that had to be torn or separated to make the whole thing work.

The Digipack (as opposed to the simple jewel box) has gone through multiple forms. The version that was used for the Church's Untitled #23 album is a great example of a beautiful Digipack. Using three pieces, the folding wings cover a jewel box case in the center. The artwork was created by Marty Willson-Piper, who found some wallpaper in Mexico that provided some wonderful textures (he may have had accomplices, I cannot recall).

I cannot say enough good things about the music itself. If you don't have this, you should find a way to acquire it in such a way as to support the artists who made it. This is one of those deals where actually buying the product accomplishes two things. First, it puts a wonderful package in your hands that is well worth the price, and it supports the artists who made it because I don't think they're being ripped off as bad as when they were signed to a major label.