Echo & the Bunnymen Bedbugs and Ballyhoo US Promotional Single

I dug this little gem out with all of the others that I plan to scan and upload. I do this more to demonstrate the genius behind the marketing of these wonderful items. The 45RPM single is long dead, but still relevant and very much worth remembering and discussing as if the thing were alive today.

The cover photo is masterful. I don't know if the distant dot is meant to pay tribute to the cover of "The Killing Moon" single, but I certainly notice how it stands out in the photography. This shot carries the theme of the so-called "Grey" album, or the self-titled Bunnymen LP from 1987. The muted, but spectacular shots of the band, in silhouette and all, were perfect for the music inside.

This is the promotional single, liberated from some worthless radio station that would never play it.