This is Not About What You Think It's About

"The Killing Moon" by Echo & the Bunnymen

I was maintaining one of my domains on this thing they call "GoDaddy" last night and I went hunting for unclaimed gems.

After twenty or thirty frustrating misses, because everything is already taken, I typed in "The Killing Moon" and the image before me went green, and became very inviting. You know how GoDaddy sells this stuff. They can have you checking out with fifty domains in mere minutes if you don't have the intestinal fortitude to walk away from the computer. I filed it away in the back of my mind since this was a fishing expedition for things that might work (and there are few that ever do). What would I do with "" In my mind, it was entirely associated with the song of the same name by Echo & the Bunnymen, a song which I revere and have always put up there with the greatest ever made.

Echo & the Bunnymen were more than a mere post-punk romantic-era 1980s band. They made brilliant albums, fell apart, came back together, and have continued on despite tragedy and loss. They are quite a rare commodity in the music business, which is falling apart as we speak. Their current works are as artistically relevant and viable as their earliest works. They have few, if any, real peers.

Echo & the Bunnymen

I didn't register the site at all and I logged off and did other things.

What on Earth would you do with that? I asked myself. It's like trying to touch liquid nitrogen--no good could possibly come out of it (you can have "" if you want).

The questions began. I was bothered by what I knew, which was, in all of the years of registering and putting up domains on the Internet, no one bothered to pick up what, I think, is the coolest title of all. There was a novel by the same name. There was (and even, perhaps, still is, at least one band with the name). There are blogs out there and I'm wondering how many Echo & the Bunnymen fan sites there are with some take on the name. I mean, talk about a "no shit, there I was..." sort of moment. How could I ignore it? How could I not seize it and take it and do something positive with it.

What could I do with it? What would you do with it? Well, let's think about that.

You could park on it and auction it off. Never.

You could make it about the song. No, it's not my song. It would be wrong to do that. But, I have to acknowledge the debt that the world of music and art owes to the song, which is brilliant.

You could keep others from abusing it. Well, who am I to do that? Just by registering the domain and doing what I'm doing, I'm ruining it for fans of the song (I hope not, but oh well). 

You could take the title as inspiration, and do something worthwhile. Well, that's what I have settled upon.

The title, then, is the starting point for looking at art, music, and the culture where it landed, circa 1984, which was a terrible year for pop music (no, I won't slag anyone). The people who follow romantic and goth music and culture have exquisite taste. I am bound to disappoint, but who could live up to such a song?

My point of reference is based in the American Midwest. I think of the look and feel of the song as being something you would pick up at "Tatters and Platters," and if you want to know more about that, stay tuned.