Thursday, May 14, 2020

All the People Who Did Not Need to Die

A comparison of deaths between the United States and South Korea is a way to frame the debate as to what's happening in this country right now.

We are witnessing one of the greatest crimes of neglect and incompetence in American history. Tens of thousands of Americans have died because the Trump Regime did not properly develop a way to deal with the COVID-19 pandemic. It was not a matter of making overly cautious decisions that did not pan out. It was not a matter of moving resources to the wrong place or of making a choice between two different paths.

Trump turned to the worst possible people in America and empowered them to deal with the crisis.

They did nothing.

They worried about the stock market instead.

They realized their error and then moved to enrich people "friendly" to Trump's re-election.

This failure of leadership abandoned the idea of acting for the common good and replaced it with a brokedick version of disaster capitalism.

It's that simple.

All those people did not need to die. They could have been saved. If there had been someone, anyone in January willing to marshal the resources of this country, shut things down, and move to a strategy of testing and contact tracing people, an untold number of Americans could have been saved.

Trump did the opposite.

At every juncture, he went with the worst possible choice and the bodies piled up.

Trump fired the professionals who could have helped. He switched out people who were competent and replaced them with children. He got rid of his Acting Chief of Staff and brought in a bawling sycophant. He listened to his worthless son in law and he ignored common sense advice. He watched his own friend die, and that's saying something because it is hard to imagine Trump ever having a friend. Let's call the wealthy acquaintance of his in New York something more human, such as a former associate of the criminal occupying the White House. He has fired Inspector Generals and relieved people who know how to make things work. He has berated those who could have helped and acted like a toadying jackass in front of a bunch of clueless businessmen.

His briefings confused the American people, empowered an untold number of defiant buffoons, and left the public uninformed and adrift. He has complained more about how this has affected him than he has ever expressed condolences to the people who lost family members. It has been a non-stop pity party for the president of butt-hurt feelings and pathetic self-aggrandizement.

If someone were to tell you what the 2020 election should turn on, it should be a referendum on Trump's inability to lead the country and tell the goddamned truth.

You've heard it before, but, yes. It is that simple.

Monday, May 11, 2020

The Double Standard

Does Trump even know what a double standard is?

In this short video, you will see the entirety of his character reveal itself. He hates women who stand up to him.

Your ears do not deceive you.

The President of the United States of America stood in the Rose Garden, waggled his goddamned mini finger at an adult woman, and said "I understand you very well. Better than you understand yourself."

There is no bottom. There are only more opportunities ahead for Trump to destroy any chance that he has of acting like a decent human being in public. Republicans keep throwing themselves into the breach like cannon fodder, trying to defend this president from his enemies. They do not seem to realize that, every time he opens his mouth, more Americans decide they will vote to throw every goddamned Republican out of office as soon as humanly possible.

It's impossible to be shocked anymore, but there you have it.

Smug Jackass Refuses to Resign

Joe Lockhart seems pretty naive to me:
By the height of the Watergate scandal in 1974, virtually every major newspaper in America had called for President Richard Nixon's resignation. During the investigation and impeachment of Bill Clinton in 1998, more than 100 newspapers called for him to resign.
But President Donald J. Trump? He could stand in the middle of Fifth Avenue and shoot somebody... and not a single major daily newspaper would call for his resignation. I admit that -- just like the original Trump quote it references -- that Fifth Avenue statement is a bit hyperbolic, but think about it:
After three years of political and actual carnage under Trump, including Robert Mueller's description of acts that amounted to, he told Congress, obstruction of justice; Trump's "fine people on both sides" reaction to a white supremacist rally in Charlottesville where a counter-protester was killed; his rampant conflicts of interest and credible accusations of his violations of the emoluments clause of the Constitution; his close to 17,000 false statements; a travel ban that primarily targets mostly Muslim-majority countries;impeachment for alleged extortion of a foreign government (he was acquitted in the Republican Senate), and the gross mishandling of a deadly pandemic, you'd think somebody on an editorial board might say it's time for the President to leave.
There is a dizzying double standard at work here. Just one Trump press conference from the last three years contains enough actual evidence of cognitive decline, moral bankruptcy, and deranged self-pity to justify writing a thousand editorials that would call for resignation. The only thing keeping Trump in power is the Republican majority in the United States Senate and an elite media complex that is making a ton of money by trading in outrage and insanity.

The Senate majority's game is just about up. As the polls come rolling in, you'll see otherwise safe incumbents who will be looking at double-digit deficits that they won't be able to make up before November. And this is with no one campaigning in the real world, only the virtual world. Every single day the news is so bad for Republicans that they can't escape the growing desire of the American people to throw every one of them out of office as soon as possible.

Our media elites are a failure unto themselves. Trump is fucking crazy! We see it every day on TV! We watch this and no one says it out loud. When Trump says something on TV that's crazy, the last thing CNN or the big networks wants to have happen is for their on-air person to say "wow, that's pretty fucking crazy right there."

Sure, you have Don Lemon and Nicole Wallace channeling what we all feel, but this has to be communicated at virtually every level of news coverage. It's not enough for opinion programs to tell us what we're seeing. The major networks still have evening news programs that reach a dwindling but underserved audience. The entire culture needs to be acquainted with the fact that Trump doesn't care how many people die because his golf courses are empty right now. This is a bloodthirsty regime and not enough of you people are dying fast enough to keep the rich afloat right now.

Why is all of this happening? Because not enough Democrats voted in the last decade. Let's get that out there and own that and fix it.

Newspapers could definitely call on Trump to resign but then a conservative with butthurt feelings and a Twitter account that hasn't been shut down yet would complain to his 50K bot followers and then the paper would back down. There isn't enough shame in the world to get Trump to do the right thing so why would a pack of newspaper editorials matter? Instead of printing denunciations that they'll disavow when the pushback occurs, print voter registration instructions on the front fucking page. Open up a dialogue on how we should all be voting by mail. Quit with the posturing. Trump has been good for business if you're selling stories of terrible events to people who care about the world. This business has to end.

Sunday, May 10, 2020

An American Failure

This photo was taken today somewhere in Virginia. It's a picture of a classically attired stumblebum demonstrating his rights under the U.S. Constitution in a way that looks as ridiculous as it seems.

I will heap scorn and abuse on this individual because it is reckless, irresponsible, and childish to display such a weapon in a public place. In the United States of America, we do not do this. We don't do this in front of old women and young children. We do not do this in front of other Americans. We do not brandish weapons of war because this country prefers peace and the scenes of calm and tranquility. The fetishization of war implements is a pop culture phenomenon. We might put an old cannon up in front of the VFW or whatever but we do not do ostentatious displays of military power. That's the goddamned Russians, son. That's banana republic bullshit.

That's not America.

Given that there is no threat to this man with regards to his life, liberty or property, the fact that he is open carrying an AT-4 rocket launcher represents failure.

A failure to understand that he does not need to carry this weapon.

A failure to understand that he doesn't need to carry any weapons because this is America, you jackass. You're out and about, run your errands and go home, like a normal person.

A failure to understand that carrying what is most likely a dormant AT-4 used for training purposes (I believe it's the one where you can load a .556mm tracer round in the rear adapter and fire that through the weapon) is absolutely fucking insane.

A failure to comprehend the greater good, which is encapsulated in the idea that we should do what we can as a country to stop the spread of the COVID-19 virus. Put on a mask and act like an adult.

I mean, it's the embodiment of failure all the way around. What a dumb fuck. What a stupid country. What a terrible time to be an American.

He's not accomplishing anything. He's ordering Subway. He's carrying oversized pistols like a movie character. he's strutting around in a tank top. He's not even in possession of a wallet like a normal man.

Good God, what a shithole country this is. Are there no wallet stores anymore?

And I know, I know. There have always been nut jobs like this in our midst. Every town has a chucklehead like this guy in it. I get that.

I used to live in a country where they would take this guy to the hospital and get him checked out. He's got 72 hour mental hold written all over him. I used to live in a country where someone would point and laugh at this stupid motherfucker and shame him. I used to live in a country where his right wing behavior would be answered with someone offering to take him to the clinic where they do penis enlargements. I used to live in a country where there were mechanisms that would kick in and correct this sort of behavior and push it to the margins where it belongs--a place where he would be shunned, discredited, and mocked relentlessly for being an absolute twat in public.

The transformation of this country into a place where these cosplaying dipshits are able to walk around like this is certainly a success for the Russians who wanted to divide America into warring camps, but even they can't believe how lucky they were to pull it off.

When you see a man looking like this, know that it is because of our failure to find the better path forward. We are going to pay for this for a long, long time.