Wednesday, February 5, 2020

Trump is Still Impeached, So There's That

I would imagine that Trump is haggard and filthy, and has been screaming throughout most of the day. He has been lurching around, involuntarily suffering from muscle spasms that only the strongest of relaxing agents can slow down. He has been hurling invective at otherwise ridiculous people because no one normal would every accept a position working in his White House.

For the next few years, they will have to disinfect the entire complex around the White House. The offices of those people sad and desperate enough to work for Trump are probably caked with vomit and human emissions. There is nothing worse than trying to eliminate the eliminations of a fat, sweaty guy who decides to masturbate all day in the Old Executive Office Building because he was pals with Don Jr. growing up.

Trump is impeached. The United States Senate did not do truth, justice or the American way any favors today. In fact, your red state senator from who the fuck cares is just another patsy. They will be left holding a bag of shit when this is all over, and Trump will go off and marry another whore, and we'll be treated to another decade of his lunacy.

His presidency is an unmitigated, publicly traded disaster. He has inflated the American economy on the lone credit card floating through his diseased mind. He has brought shame to the entire Executive Branch, peopling it with toadies and shitbirds and thieves. Each and every attempt he has made to be presidential has been washed away by an unhinged tirade. There are no words for how awful he has been, so we'll just give it a catchall term. It has been a fiasco. That's the only word I can come up with.

A fiasco.

Oh, and Putin still has his bitch, so there's that.

Tuesday, February 4, 2020

Elizabeth Warren

I was really hoping to be able to talk about endorsing Elizabeth Warren for president. Instead, we have the Iowa Debacle and what it means for the primary season.

It's pretty clear to me that letting third-rate people run things is not going to bode well for the Democratic Party. Making the necessary changes in leadership, strategy and organization is something that better happen sooner rather than later. It's not possible to overstate how important this election is in terms of saving American democracy.

Endorsing Warren was a no-brainer. I think she will choose the right running mate and will win the 2020 election. She will bring every one of Hillary's voters to the table and energize the voters who turned out in 2018. She will then roll all of that up a pretty big hill and get some help from everyone who thinks the country needs to move on without Trump.

Everyone else running for the Democrats could do that as well, but I'm going with Warren. No matter who gets the nomination, I'm going to crawl over broken glass to vote Blue.