Saturday, February 1, 2020

It's the Corruption, Stupid

The problem at the root of everything that Trump has done is corruption. It was what allowed him to steal the presidency and rob the country blind. The media has been slow to understand the impact of the corruption. They dutifully reported the comings and goings of dozens of government officials. What they failed to do in early 2017 is properly link Trump to the corruption that has been allowed to poison our politics.

Elizabeth Warren is my choice for president. She's going to deal with this problem, head on:

Warren had too many stops to make over the last three days of the Iowa caucus campaign to hang around for her trademark selfie line afterwards. However, Bailey the dog was available to step in and was certainly popular, especially with the service dogs in attendance, who looked on Bailey curiously, like basketball players when Michael Jordan stepped in for a pickup game. Warren—and Bernie Sanders and Amy Klobuchar—are all burning up the highways and byways here this weekend because, as senators, they were obligated to spend two weeks in Washington listening to the grinding of Pat Cipollone’s interests as they conflicted with each other, grinding up the canons of legal ethics along the way. So if the homestretch here is more frantic than usual, blame the effort it takes on the part of this White House to turn the constitutional processes of government into a burlesque.
If nothing else, this obviously should be a good moment for Warren, whose campaign is based on her conviction that our government and our politics are so corrupt that Big Structural Change is needed to clean out the Augean Stables in the District of Columbia. On Saturday, she deftly connected decades of increasing corruption with the undeniable end product, which is this administration* and this president*. 
“The good news is that I have the biggest anti-corruption plan since Watergate,” she said. “The bad news is that we need the biggest anti-corruption plan since Watergate. These problems, this corruption, started long before Donald Trump became president.
If I'm being honest, I would love to see Kamala Harris run alongside Warren. That would be a ticket designed to heal the country and bring women to the polls in a way that would put them over the top. But that may not be the most complete ticket possible, and it might now hew to the center the way it would need to for this election. I wouldn't mind a Biden-Harris ticket or a Warren ticket with Stacey Abrams. I'm fine with any of that. Anything but Bernie Sanders and Tulsi Gabbard.

I do believe the country leans to the left on policies that the Democratic Party brings to the table. I don't think we need a purely centrist ticket. I do think we need a ticket that excites the American people and brings voters to the polls in one massive blue tsunami. An all female ticket might just counteract the poison of Trump and force him to dump Mike Pence out of desperation (which is what I think is going to happen in the next few months).

So, for me, it's Elizabeth Warren. I can't wait to vote for her.

Why Do So Many Democrats Want Trump to Win?

This sort of nonsense is a distraction from the real threat to American democracy. News flash, it isn't Hillary or Joe or neoliberal shills or "corporate Democrats." It's not the people in the middle of the road or on the hard left or on the soft right of the party.

America's experiment as a Republic is directly threatened by a Republican Party that doesn't give a damn that Trump is weaponizing disinformation provided to him by Vladimir Putin. And I'm sorry, but far too many otherwise intelligent Democrats are too fucking stupid to see that Bernie Sanders is a part of that campaign, as evidenced by the fact that Trump and Sanders use the same horrible tactics carried out by their followers to shit on people on the Internet and drive voters away from the polls.

Sanders is not here to win. He's here to raise money from gullible lefties who would otherwise give to libertarians or Green Party candidates and split the left away from the Democratic Party. He's here to peel these people off so that we get four more years of GOP economic policies. He has no plan to enact his policies because that would be a waste of time.

The overall goal is to ensure that the country suffers under four more years of Trump so that  everyone turns away from the two party system and elects a European socialist-styled government. The naive belief at work here is that if the American people suffer enough, they'll trash what we have and put their faith in whatever bullshit Sanders and his followers think will work. Only Bernie won't be around to actually govern. That's not part of the plan.

In short, they want Trump to continue in office because it will mean that the American people will be ripe for a far left socialist correction in 2024.

None of this will work. The pain inflicted by Trump is too great. There are far too many people of color being hurt and far too many Americans suffering overall. We have babies in cages and people struggling with a lack of opportunity and a whole host of structural disadvantages in this economy.

Forget the howling mob on Twitter--the country is split down the middle but prefers Democratic Party policies and ideas so long as they aren't dressed in the wardrobe of a socialist system. Your various Democratic politicians live in that lane, from Biden to Klobuchar to Warren to Buttigieg. Sanders is their natural enemy, not their erstwhile ally because he has convinced his followers that it is an all or nothing proposition. It's not even a primary anymore. It's a hostage negotiation.

If the Democratic Party does not give them a Sanders ticket (with his only natural ally, the horrible Tulsi Gabbard), they're going to burn everything to the fucking ground.

So, we're not faced with choices. We're trying to figure out a way out of this hostage situation. And I'm tired of having to explain this shit to people. Sanders is the same person he was forty years ago--a Soviet styled socialist who wants to destroy the American system of government and nationalize everything. He hasn't changed. He just figured out how to manipulate otherwise smart people into forgetting that voting for the common good is the only way to continue the American experiment and move forward.

If you think voting is a retail transaction, then I can't help you. It's an expression of placing your trust in one of the two sides that currently oppose one another, and hoping that your side can deliver on their promises.

I mean, Zerlina Maxwell gets it. Why doesn't anyone else? And I should add, I could be wrong about all of this. But I feel like we're screwing ourselves. Among the people campaigning for the other major candidates I see a fundamental honesty about what we're up against. Among voters for Sanders and Gabbard, I see intellectual dishonesty, racism, misogyny and a hatred for Hillary Clinton that goes well beyond common sense.

How did we end up so utterly screwed? Because the Democratic Party failed to deal with the Sanders issue in 2016. There are far too many people who want free money, free everything and don't realize that this is a fundamentally moderate country that isn't going to give them what they want when they want it. They've had just enough of a taste of success to convince them that if they scream loud enough and punish the people who would otherwise give them most of what they want, they'll win.

What we're about to see is a fractured process that will all but guarantee four more years of Trump unless some common sense about what we can and can't do prevails.