Thursday, December 26, 2019

Republicans Are Gullible Idiots

The conservative website Townhall is full of stupid people who are able to write things like this and not be taken out of polite society and given a 72 hour mental hold:
I consider Donald Trump one of the greatest presidents this country has ever known. He exudes love of America, boldly pursues excellence, and governs based on incisive common sense rather than nauseating political correctness. 
That said: 
1) Why are Roger Stone and Paul Manafort still languishing in legal purgatory? These men were pursued by the Justice Department – Trump's Justice Department – for one reason only: They helped Trump become president. Yet, so far Trump has let them hang out to dry. 
Democrat lobbyist Tony Podesta committed essentially the same crime for which Manafort was targeted. Yet, the Justice Department decided to grant Podesta immunity and go after Manafort. Why didn't it grant Manafort immunity and go after Podesta? You know the answer. Washington is a swamp. 
Roger Stone, meanwhile, had his home raided in the middle of the night by the FBI for lying during a sham investigation. He can’t even publicly speak about his case now because a totalitarian judge has so ordered. Amazingly, though, when asked on Tuesday whether he would pardon Stone, Trump replied, “I hadn't thought of it.” 
He hadn’t thought of it? Pray tell, why not? Stone is suffering because of his 40-year friendship with the president. If Trump is loyal to his friends – as I and so many other Trump supporters like to believe – he must pardon Stone and Manafort immediately.
This is an interesting "gripe" and it comes with a complete lack of self-awareness that only a Trump supporter could muster. How gullible do you have to be to think that Trump "cares" about the people who perform tasks for him? Buddy, you could save Trump's ass and the minute you're no longer providing something of value, he would sell you out, can your ass, and tickle your wife before the sun goes down.

I could have written this post in the early part of 2017, and, with the exception of Manafort and Stone being in jail, it would have had zero effect. No one actually understands what is happening, save the handful of people who might read this post. The media doesn't get it. The country certainly does not get it. I mean, come on. The fact that Trump uses people and discards them was known in the 1980s when he abandoned Roy Cohn.

We are three years into a "regime" that does not respect the rule of law. Not one, not two, but hundreds of otherwise unemployable people have been fired or disappeared from Trump's orbit because of insufficient loyalty and a lack of usefulness. Many languish in their own private hell, having to take Wingnut Welfare from people like Peter Thiel or the Sackler family in order to maintain a standard of living that resides between destitution and not being able to pay the bill at Red Robin. Some are giving hand jobs down at the bus station, or so we would be told if there was a reporter who was tracking that sort of thing.

Manafort has not been pardoned yet because he's tainted with criminality; Stone hasn't been pardoned because why would he? Paul and Roger know the drill. They don't get pardoned until Trump is reasonably convinced that there's something in it for him and for him alone.

I would have thought that Trump would have released a dozen or more pardons on Christmas Eve, just to give the media some catnip to chase around. But, no. The grifter knows that once people are no longer of any material use in his transactional world, leaving them high and dry is the best option. It keeps the remaining staff in line. It keeps the people who are about to go into the barrel from realizing that they can say things to the Feds and get away with their crimes. The reason why he hasn't already pardoned Stone is because Stone is no longer providing anything of value to Trump. He has moved on to other ratfuckers and toadies. Once Roger stopped being relevant, that was the end of him.

It's my opinion that Trump believes that Manafort and Stone talked to the Feds, even though there's virtually an avalanche of evidence that they protected Trump. That's the beauty of being paranoid--you can never go wrong withholding a pardon for someone who did the right thing by you and ended up in jail. It gives them hope, and it is something of value that you can wave around whenever it is useful.

Trump might still pardon him, though. But, really. Why bother? You put Roger out there and he'll just screech on the low-rent outlets and give shitty advice that has been overtaken by events. He'll get with that hyperventilating bag of human shit Alex Jones and they'll have a three hour pity party. Letting him rot in prison keeps him from cooperating further because it is the promise of a pardon that is withheld that keeps Stone quiet. If he thinks there's even the slightest chance of a reprieve in it for him, he'll stay in prison and not squeal.

Manafort will die in prison, and soon, and Trump does not care. He couldn't be bothered to care. I would be willing to bet you that when Manafort croaks, Trump will laugh and remember only the good times, when he got cheap labor and the nomination of the GOP out of having him around.

Any and all who show even the slightest loyalty to Trump know that this is their fate. They are going to be asked to ruin their own reputations and their own political viability in exchange for nothing beyond the immediate gratification that is found in licking Trump's shoes in public. It takes a person with no self-esteem and no belief in American virtues to spend more than a few weeks working in the Trump regime. This is what a tyrannical kleptocracy that is bereft of decency in the American style looks like, after all. The fact that there are so many people willing to debase themselves is sad but not a surprise if you've been paying attention.

It's old hat right now, laughing at people who are deluded enough to think that this hasn't been true from the start. Doesn't anyone pay attention?

Elliott Resnick would love to sell out and work for Trump. What a transaction that would be! But how useful would his service be to a man who already has hundreds of sycophants working long hours and are prepared to suffer endless amounts of abuse? Not very. You have to bring a lot more to the table than a self-serving plea for a Roger Stone pardon, Mr. Resnick. You should be writing post after post after post about something the president can use to fight his enemies. 

You know, Trump's real enemies. The truth, the American people, and the common good. Figure out how to give him something that he can use like a cudgel against these things and you might just have a shot at working long hours for nothing. It is always expected that you will flay away your very soul and everything you have in service to the king. You are the straw that is put on the road as his carriage passes over. You are insignificant and already forgotten.

Tuesday, December 24, 2019

Spoiler Alert

Tulsi Gabbard is going to work very, very hard to re-elect Trump:
Tulsi Gabbard has been slowly edging toward leaving the Democratic Party and, it now seems more likely than not, launching a spoiler candidacy to peel disaffected left-wing votes away from the Democrats. Her “present” vote on impeachment, followed by a disavowal of what she called the “zero-sum mind-set the two political parties have trapped America in,” sets the stage for Gabbard to play the role of 2020’s Jill Stein.
Left-wing anti-anti-Trumpism played an important role in the bizarre 2016 outcome. Die-hard Bernie activists, fired up with anger at the release of DNC emails stolen by Russians that purportedly showed the party had rigged the primary, demonstrated against the party outside its convention hall and tried to drown out the speakers inside with boos. Stein attacked Hillary Clinton from the left, then audaciously staged a grift-y fundraising scheme supposedly to hold recounts in the states she had labored to flip to Trump. Trump’s election appeared to deliver the same shock of reality that had vaporized Ralph Nader’s 2000 support.
But Gabbard’s emergence is another indication that the disaffection that drove these events has not disappeared. Anti-anti-Trumpism has maintained a small but durable intellectual infrastructure. The sentiments that first registered as dissent from the Russia investigation transferred to impeachment, and a chorus of left-wing voices is attacking the effort to remove Trump from office as at best a misguided diversion and at worst a deep-state coup.
Gabbard knows she can spend the next calendar year raising money from unsophisticated voters who were never going to give their money to a Democrat anyway. She knows that there is a segment of what the press calls "the left" that does not support Democratic Party candidates and actually leans more "socially liberal, fiscally conservative." These are people that will tell you that they want someone to do something about the housing crisis, but they better not do it in their neighborhood because they know someone on the County Board.

The Democratic Party has tried to appeal to these voters, and it always ends up going south on them. Contrary to what Twitter tells you, the Democrats get creamed when they move too far to the left, especially in a way that allows the Republicans to call them out on it. When Democrats find that sweet spot just to the left of center, they end up with Clinton and Obama. Yes, people do want the policies and governance that Democrats bring to the table. They just don't want you to tell them that they're voting for left wing policies.

Gabbard is one of those useful idiots who ended up getting elected because she could convince voters in Hawaii that she was one of them. In some part, yes, but in terms of being an actual Democrat, no.

Flash forward to the fetish that right wing nut jobs have for Gabbard and the rather useful segment of the electorate that pretends to be smart and doesn't know anything. These are people who are disaffected and don't trust the two party system. They may look and feel like liberals, but they draw the line at doing anything that would actually produce liberal policies for people in need. Think of anyone who acts in a contrarian manner, and can't stand the idea of actually being a part of something, and doesn't know a goddamned useful thing. They're not stupid enough to be libertarians, but stick around a week and they might.

That's your Gabbard/Sarandon/Stein voter, writ large.