Friday, August 31, 2018

This Ludicrous Presidency

Feckless, shoeless, and unhinged.

This whole fiasco of a "presidency" has done more damage to the psyche and soul of the American people than anything I have ever lived through. I was a child when Watergate happened. They system worked, and a president was chased from office. I was aware of the whole Clinton thing, obviously, and that was nothing compared to what we are suffering right now. Trumpism is a joke told behind the back of the American idea. It's a juvenile, shitty trip through a toxic waste dump of hatred perpetrated by the worst impulses of the human soul.

We arrive at the last day of August, which I can assure you is just another day, another marker, another tick on the calendar for every person suffering under the heel of these immoral ass clowns. I am assuming that everything after this is going to be a huge ball of shit, rolling down hill, so keep a cheerful thought. We have children to reunite, policies to wipe away, orders to rescind, and a thousand other cleanup tasks that will require years to fix.

Trump won't leave office unless forced. There is no way any of them will give up power unless what comes after them is worse than anything we can imagine. It won't be bloodhounds in the woods. It won't be the "Marshal of the Supreme Court." It will be a plain-spoken man with paperwork, and what's printed on it will shock about two-thirds of the citizens of this country to the core. 

The rest of them you can ignore for the rest of your life. They prefer their stupidity and their ignorance to having to engage in civil discourse. There are vast numbers of adults who will never admit they were wrong and will cling to the horrors of Trumpism in much the same way a Yankees fan will insist that what you saw with your own eyes wasn't an out at all but a scheme by the umpire to rob them.

Expect a lot more damage until the ship is righted. Who knows what will happen? Anyone who says they know is lying to you, just like this fool of a man who stole the presidency with the help of some Russians who aren't going to live much longer.

Wednesday, August 29, 2018

This is a Fitting End to McCain-Palin

At the end of his life, snarling grandpa John McCain just couldn't bear to have anyone named Palin anywhere near his official transition to the great beyond:

Former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin was reportedly not invited to John McCain’s memorial services. Palin was McCain’s running mate in his 2008 bid for the presidency. “Out of respect to Senator McCain and his family we have nothing to add at this point,” a Palin family source told NBC News. “The Palin family will always cherish their friendship with the McCains and hold those memories dear.” McCain’s family did not comment on the service’s invite list.

The guy he should have told to stay away is Steve Schmidt. I haven't seen his reaction, and I know the "movie" version of what happened in 2008 is probably 90% bullshit, but Schmidt was the guy who convinced McCain he had to pick Palin. Schmidt isn't even a Republican anymore, and liberal media loves him, but the reality is, the 2008 campaign was an unmitigated shit storm, surpassed only by Romneyshambles 2012. The American media, of course, refuses to acknowledge that McCain was out of touch, slow to react, and had little or no chance in the wake of eight years of George W. Bush.

Having blogged both of those horrific eras, I can tell you, this does not shock me at all. Palin was a joke, a grifter, an incompetent idiot, and completely unintelligible when asked to think on her feet. If she hadn't cashed in so soon after going down in defeat, McCain might have kept her closer. Who knows? She was so awful to his staff that it is impossible to imagine a scenario where the last thing the American public remembers about her is anywhere near positive. What they will remember is how she was depicted by Tina Fey. That's what is so devastating here. The joke is more palatable than the small-town loser with the white trash, brawling family.

For years, I would use this photo, or something like it:


And no one would bat an eye. That's how easy it is to believe that McCain said no to having Sarah and her gang in the first ten rows.