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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Zooey Deschanel Turns Her Back on Gawker

People get tired of being mocked. People also get tired of celebrities who complain about websites that mock them. The best thing to do is to stop worrying about which site does what and do whatever it is you do and get on with it.

Zooey Deschanel has been hitting the interview circuit pretty hard lately, and that's fine with me. This backlash against her indicates that something she's doing must be working. The only reason why anyone would call you a labradoodle is if you were making your mark.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

George Lucas Forgot to Call Ewan McGregor

Somehow, I don't think it was on anyone's agenda to make sure that McGregor knew that they were going to go out and milk Star Wars for more cash. And that's all that the 3D thing is--a re-release to wring cash out of an entertainment-starved population.

Let me guess--lasers are going to shoot out at you when you're watching it? Brilliant.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Congratulations to Desislava Grubleva

Desislava Grubleva

I didn't know if she was going to pull this one off.

Her competition was enormous and her achievement is tremendous. There are a lot of people who blog and profess to be experts in obscure international beauty competitions for married women who are in their thirties. I am not one of them.

Friday, September 2, 2011

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Steve Jobs Resigns as the CEO of Apple


If this is true, then the ultimate geek is out of a job. Is he doing this in order to deal with his health issues or is this a strategic move to position himself and Apple for the next big thing to come? Is it for show or is it tragic?


This is the biggest story of the summer, by far.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

When the River Disappeared

Sometimes, an entire river just disappears and leaves a bunch of fish there for people to pick up and take home with them.

Now, I don't know about you, but if I knew that a river just up and disappeared, my first impulse wouldn't be to go find the river--it would be to walk in the riverbed and look for cool stuff. But that's me. When rivers disappear, my priorities are completely out of whack.

When the River Disappeared

Sometimes, an entire river just disappears and leaves a bunch of fish there for people to pick up and take home with them.

Now, I don't know about you, but if I knew that a river just up and disappeared, my first impulse wouldn't be to go find the river--it would be to walk in the riverbed and look for cool stuff. But that's me. When rivers disappear, my priorities are completely out of whack.

Monday, July 4, 2011

Redemption and Pubic Lice in Your Eyes

Ah, the glamour of an abandoned strip club
Pubic lice in your goddamned eyes? Really?
I was talking to some like, dude or whatever that I was at one point involved with in some capacity and I asked him what he was doing tonight and he was like, “I’m going to a strip club to see what they can do for my friend’s bachelor party.”
Now, not to harp on his word choice or whatever, but “see what they can do”?
I was like, “Let me save you the trip downtown: They can grind over your pants and lie to you about their educations and trick you into thinking that they’re in love with you so that they can extort money from you and then you can get them pregnant and have an illegitimate child hanging over your head for the rest of your life, and that’s the best case scenario. Worst case is that you get pubic lice in your eyes and you have to have surgery to drain the abscesses that the lice will create and there’s really no replacing eyes. Not for this kind of thing. If you’re blind, maybe you can get on some sort of list to have experimental eye surgery, but they’re not handing out eyes to perverts.”
I totally believe her. I believe Molls over Snopes. That's why I'm never going into a strip club ever again. Ever. Wait, not that I've ever been in one. Damn. Can't take that back, can I?

Anyway, yes they are handing out eyes to perverts. And soon, they'll be handing out porn to prisoners
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Monday, June 20, 2011

A History Geek Wins Miss USA

I don't think there's any way people can put a negative spin on an affinity for Mary Queen of Scots, do you?
Beating out 50 other contestants, an auburn-haired beauty from California who was a favorite among Vegas odds-markers was crowned Miss USA at the end of the pageant's 60th anniversary contest on Sunday in Sin City. 

Alyssa Campanella beat out her good friend, Miss Tennessee Ashley Durham, who was named first runner-up by a panel of celebrity judges. The other finalists were Miss Texas Ana Rodriguez and Miss Alabama Madeline Mitchell.

Campanella replaces Miss USA 2010 Rima Fakih and will be America's representative at Miss Universe in Sao Paulo, Brazil, on September 12.
 After revealing on the show that she was a "huge history geek" with a special interest in the Tudor and Stuart periods, Campanella added that her favorite monarch was Mary, Queen of Scots, who was beheaded in 1587.
I believe the politically correct affinity would be for Elizabeth, but oh well. What British Queen didn't have a lot of heads removed for minor offenses? If she succeeds in getting people to actually care about history, good for her. When was the last time the scantily-clad winner of a beauty contest came into power with good press anyway, right?

It's important to note that she was only one of two contestants who said that we should be teaching evolution in schools. I wonder when we'll hear about that particular piece of information.
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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Antique Quilts

One of the best places to find design ideas or just basic patterns for things is to look at quilts. Yes, quilts! And that's why I'm blogging about this:

During preparations for Quilts 1700-2010 (20 March - 4 July 2010), many of the Museum’s quilts were taken out of store for the first time in decades so that they could be photographed and examined prior to conservation. Following the publication of 'X-radiography of Textiles, Dress and Related Objects' in 1997, many textiles have been X-rayed to gain information about them. Quilts in particular have been singled out for analysis because of their multi-layered construction. This article discusses three 18th- and 19th-century quilts in the V&A’s collections, whose histories of making were revealed through X-radiography, as much as the materials they were made of.

Fig. 1
The examinations that form the basis of this article were prompted by the observation that a quilt to be featured in the exhibition Quilts 1700-2010, made from fabric printed for the celebration of King George III Golden Jubilee (fig. 1), had a different quilting pattern on the back of the quilt than that on the front. Close inspection of the edge of the quilt revealed four layers of textile - the present top, a previous quilt top, a mysterious secondary textile, and the original lining.

It is generally understood that a quilt is defined as two layers of fabric, sometimes with a layer of padding between, all sewn together so that the sewing threads pass through all layers. The sewing used to bind the layers together often forms decorative patterns. An X-ray is a picture of relative material density, with denser materials appearing white and voids or breaks appearing dark. Folded areas of fabric are denser and appear lighter on an X-ray. Patchwork is made from an arrangement of fabric pieces and the way that the fabric is sewn together is known as piecing. The technique of piecing over paper, which is found in many British quilts, involves folding fabric around a paper template, basting it in place with long stitches, and then joining the basted pieces together edge-to-edge with tiny whip-stitches. The basting stitches are then removed and the paper is either removed or retained inside the quilt for stiffness and warmth. 

Fig 2

Using an X-ray image it is possible to see that the individual tumbling block pieces in the inner border of the quilt are pieced over paper – with the seam allowance on either side of the seam, while the tumbling block section as a whole has been applied to the quilt top as a strip with the seam allowance folded to one side (fig. 2).
Yes, this is the kind of thing that I can geek out over.

Friday, June 3, 2011

Patton Oswalt's Infamous Sierra Mist Commercial

I'm listening to Patton Oswalt's second appearance on the WTF Podcast, and on it he and Marc Maron reference this "infamous" Sierra Mist commercial that Oswalt did years ago (see above). It may have been a little risque at the time, but nowadays that wouldn't cause anyone to bat an eye.

This one is even better.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Welcome to the Role Playing Game Apocalypse

Something is happening here, and I want to know what it is. What's going on?

I've seen it before and I'll see it again and whenever people moan and complain about it they are either jumping on the bandwagon or look like they are just trying to cause a reaction. That's right it's the editions war and it's back. I call it that because everyone else does and if I was to call it what it was, Grumpy Dicks Taking Offence At Nothing, most folk would think I was just looking for a fight. I once had Dave from Critical Hits say he was disappointed to see me join in on these fights as he just turns off when he reads them. I couldn't agree more. I write these posts when I have to though because otherwise any bile I spit would end up on other blogs and thats just not polite.
As far as I can work out there are only a handful of cliques that people fit into on this arguement. You have those in the same boat as the guy over at Greyhawk Grodnardwho can't get over why WotC could ever release something that didn't conform to their ideal game. You have the group that loves everything about 4e and will lap up anything WotC put out no matter what it actually is as long as it's for 4e and there are those that go with what they like and couldn't really care that 4e isn't for them. There are obviously others but these are the three main groups.
For those that don't like 4e and are very vocal about it. Why do you care if you don't like it and don't play it? In most examples the people with this view are those that play older versions of D&D and can't get their head around why the new versions are different. They are either people that played the original game when it came out and stuck by it or another generation of the game for the same reason. They found the version they like and just try and dig holes in any new version that doesn't match up. To this day I do not know why.
Even mxyzplk's post from 2009 defending their stance doesn't quite work for me. Yes I get why you would want a large company producing the game you want but then that alienates all those that like the game you don't so the scene is back to square one. One of the big arguements is that the game will no longer be supported. I'm sorry but as a player that played through oD&D and 2nd edition there are enough official supplements to the main books as well as campaign material to keep anyone going for a long time and thanks to ebay it's not hard to find. Aside from that arguement one of the big things with those games was that you were encouraged to take setting material from other systems and convert it yourself so why not do that to downgrade the new work? Are they that lazy that they need it spoonfed to them?

Okay, what? I don't get it. What's "D and D?" What's "4e?" What does this shorthand mean? Is this about meeting girls?

The reason this has all reared it's ugly head is that WotC are bringing out Lair Assault which strips out any and all roleplaying and turns D&D into a game of Advanced Heroquest. So why is this a problem? Noone is making anyone play it. Noone is sneaking into peoples houses and swapping out books so that when they wake up all they can play is Lair Assault. This isn't like World of Warcraft where rules and setting changes affect everyone playing it worldwide. This is the equivalent of TSR making Spellfire or WotC bringing out the D&D Miniature Game. They all have the D&D name attached but it's a separate thing when it comes to playing it. If anything Lair Assault harks back to the old style of tournament play which if we're being honest about still goes on. All I hear after every Gencon is how people overhear players pull up others in their group for playing in character and not playing to win the tournament. Surely this straight up dungeoneering should appeal to grodnards out there? It's what the original game basically was after all. My personally opinion? It sounds like my idea of hell but then so does Mouse Guard but you don't see me picking holes in it every few posts.
As for the age old 'problem' of not being able to find a group that isn't playing 4e? Start your own group or join the 4e group and offer to play another game during a campaign break or on another night and get them playing the games you want to play. If they like it they'll stick around.
As far as games are concerned haters gonna hate so stop being a dick, get on with life and reserve your hate for things that actually matter.

Right now that's out of my system we can go back to our normal programming and I can go and build LEGO monsters with my kids and generally not be a ball of rage.

What the hell is a Lego Minifig? Should I care? This is what they're talking about in the comments, which are not helping me at all:

Mark Baillie responded:
Mark Baillie
I've read your whole post and from it i've come to a decision. We have to use lego minifigs as our D&D miniatures.
Seriously though, it's an argument that you'll never win. I liked GURPS but get the distinct impression that you didn't. Honestly, I wasn't too keen on Rolemaster. We both seemed to like WoD.
The good thing is, different opinions won't stop us from being a group.

Bob Zilla responded:
Bob Zilla
Exactly! I'm not a huge fan of 4e but it's going to be a fun game no matter how we run it and no matter how much of the rules do or do not promote anything other than combat the game is never going to be just about combat because thats the way we play it.
And what gave my opinion on GURPS away? ;)
I'll let you in on a secret...other than reading the rulebooks I've never played it...

You have a very vocal minority causing the scene to implode any time something they don't like comes out. This is my release valve :)
Your idea about minifigs though does hold merit though...

Audi Fashion Festival

These photos, from, show some amazing looks. I love the retro hair with the big curl in the front. Absolute, total geekery here.

These are some very cinematic looks.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

I Would Never Wait For My Phone to Tell Me That I Was Okay

Did you know that Sharon Stone recently suffered from a stroke?
Then again, I have a crappy pre-paid cellphone:
When a patient suffers an acute stroke, the outcome often rests on how quickly they receive expert care.
Now, by using a medical application for the iPhone or Android, doctors don't need to be at a hospital to diagnose a stroke patient and begin prescribing treatment.
Specialists can determine how to treat strokes based on brain-scan images reviewed from their smartphones with nearly the same accuracy as when they use a full diagnostic workstation, according to a study by researchers at the University of Calgary.
"Now they can bring a distant expert to bear on the problem," said Ross Mitchell, a medical professor at the Canada university who worked on the study. "There's huge, huge rewards to be had here."
Medical experts have been skeptical about using a 3.5-inch screen, like the one on an iPhone, for emergency diagnoses. But thanks to advancements in image compression, microprocessors and wireless-data bandwidth, the smartphone may prove to be, like beepers, an essential tool for on-the-go doctors.
I must be suffering from "phone" or "app" envy because I see few upsides to this. 

What happens if you feel like you're having a stroke and there's no one available? Those "distant experts" aren't going to sit around waiting to help some poor schmuck. They have lives. Maybe they want a day off from listening to the same unfunny group of jackass college kids who are making a video for YouTube about how to fake a stroke in order to get people to donate money to their cause.

What happens when someone makes the wrong diagnosis over the phone, panics someone, and they crash their car into a bus load of saintly people on their way to church? What happens when someone reassures a dude over the phone that he isn't having a stroke and then he gets into his big rig and drives eighteen miles down the Interstate before his brain explodes and leaves him unconscious with the hammer down into oncoming rush hour traffic?

If you feel like you're having a stroke, get help. Hang up your damned phone already. Who is that self-absorbed and enamored of their high-priced gadget?
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Thursday, May 5, 2011

Vintage Tupperware

I'm not saying that vintage Tupperware will change the meandering direction of your life, but there are worse ways to spend $35 bucks.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Now That's a Frisky Boy

Cupid by Nikolai Ivanovich Argunov 1790 (1771 - 1829) - the painter, the academician of the St.Petersburg Academy of arts (1818). The son of I.P. Argunov.
To be completely honest, I have no idea what to do with this blog. I think that the original idea was to put a bunch of scantily clad women on here. Since that's really not a feasible option anymore (thank you, Internet thought police), the best thing to do is to start with the picture that inspired looking for "" in the first place.

This photo has something to do with being a word play on the word "armour" and love; a dandy little fellow wrapped up in the uniform of love and prepared to explain how to "suit up" and go to war for love. Something like that. It's a whimsical painting by an old Russian master, and it absolutely suits the weirdness that I will try to add here. was another one of those "yeah, you HAVE to grab that" sort of things when I was browsing around. I think the previous owners have tried to do stupid things with the domain. If you land here, this is not really my fault.

My fallback plan is to make this about the arts and eclectica and the stuff I find on Etsy and geekery and all that. Until someone comes up with a better plan, this is what I'm going to run with.