Birds on Frozen Water

This was shot from the driver's seat of my car one morning when I was stuck in traffic. The impossibly busy pond and the blue effect of the shore in the distance made this work when it really shouldn't have worked at all. I left much of the foreground in the photo because that also seemed to make sense. This particular pond is in Central Maryland, somewhere near Route 1, between Highways 100 and 175 or so.

Alpine Chair Lift Cable Station

Instead of a castle or a goat or someone on a snowboard, I spotted this through the zoom feature on the camera. This is not easy to spot from the ground, but I zoomed in to the maximum setting I have on my Nikon camera and shot this. I wonder how windy and cold it gets in the deepest part of January up there.

I keep wanting to call this Ice Station Zebra, but what they do here is, they run the chair lift system from one side, and do some sort of communications thing on the other.

Driving in the Black Forest

If I remember this correctly, this was taken while driving up the hill on the other side of Calw, Germany.

For us, the other side was the Black Forest side of Calw, which extended to the west when you drove up the hill. Our side was the side leading to farms and to Stuttgart.

Driving in Europe was one of my favorite things. The roads are to be envied and safety is all that matters.

Skyline Photos

This series of four photographs could very well serve as my first attempt to do something creative or artistic with digital photography. My very modest camera caught these images in the early morning of December 7, 2008. In the photograph metadata, it says 7 PM, and I know that's wrong because I know what I was doing when I took these photos. The sun is rising up and you can see the power plant emissions illuminated by the sun.

My Panasonic DMC-LZ5 camera was somewhat outdated even in 2008, but I'm pretty happy to find these and be able to put them out. They work, somehow, even if you can see parking lot lights in the foreground.

Looking Down From the Battlements

I may not have even taken this photo! That's what the scandal here is.

But, in all honesty, I've taken a lot of photos just like it. When you stand on the old battlements of a European castle and look down, you see a sight no one could have planned--the sight of modernity and progress, and how we don't need those castle walls anymore. To have had to live outside of those walls a thousand years ago--that's what truly must have been fearful.

Cutting Wood

The Germans are obsessed with cutting and stacking and drying wood that can be burned. These stacks were commonplace in the rural areas of Southern Germany; much of this wood will sit here, stacked up for years if not longer, and it will only be used in case of an emergency or if it is rotated slowly into the local supply for purchase.

Not an exciting picture, but I thought that this worked because of the details.