The Walking Dead Season Six Episode 7

Enid lives! And that Glenn guy somehow made it, too.

The point of each episode in this season of The Walking Dead is really what happens in the last few moments. Cries of help, scenes of hopelessness, and now the walls themselves have come tumbling down. This is the season that people are going to point to when they talk about as far as a demarcation line is concerned. Was this the season that caused you to stop watching? Or was it the season that allowed you to keep going?

It's been a great season. The expenditure of special effects, set designs, and extras for the larger shots has been enormous. The budget is quite high and so is the quality. It's been a great season except for one thing--the whole Glenn thing. Poorly conceived, but you can see why they did it. I think the viewers can handle ambiguity. I don't think they can handle being manipulated, and that's how Glenn's fate was handled.

Are we closer to the end than the beginning? Definitely. I can see a seventh and maybe an eighth season of the show but I can't see much further past that. But we're now one episode away from the end of the front half of the sixth season and the awful reality of the building collapsing on the wall is what stands out for me. A half-assed attempt at propping up the wall sapped a lot of energy from the group. Rick and company have spent a whole day or more surrounded and trying to think of a way out. And now, the wall has been knocked down. Here comes the fun!

No matter what, the cliffhangers have driven viewer interest in the show. We resolved Glenn's fate in this episode and added in some extra drama with Enid, the teenage girl the apocalypse did not know it needed. If you look at the image above, someone took some props and tried to disguise the fact that Glenn could easily have crawled under the dumpster. This is why they have used the overhead shot of the swarm enveloping the dumpster--to show that, yep, you could hide under it as well.

We have one of the original Alexandrians coming around to Rick's way of thinking, which means he has to die soon. We have Jessie's son Ron arming himself for a confrontation that will probably force Chandler Riggs to get used to acting with an eye patch. And now we have Deanna's son Spencer proving himself to be the dumbass no one needs, along with hapless Father Gabriel and his magic prayer time circles. There was a lot of contempt in this episode but Rick didn't do himself any favors by pissing off the mighty Tara, she of the extended middle finger. The only thing missing was a resolution for the storyline of the wounded Wolf in the basement of the townhome that Morgan felt bad about long enough to involve the poor "medic" who taught us what "SWOPPERS" means but don't try to look it up because it emerges from Dr. Denise's own nutty way of doing things.

It's useful to note that this was a slow burning episode that focused on the Alexandria Safe Zone as two divided communities trying to come together. You can see why Enid left--everything turns to shit so why bother? Glenn makes an attempt to change her mind, but there isn't much he can do at this point. Why not fly some balloons? Why the hell not?

Next week's show will likely feature Daryl, Abraham and Sasha's arrival with a tanker truck full of gas and an assortment of Rocket Propelled Grenades. It better show how Carol is the ultimate badass because we have had precious little of that so far. I think we'll end with everyone in one place but with serious challenges ahead. This would be a great time for Abraham to go out in a blaze of glory (although it would be a huge loss). With him, Daryl and Sasha on the way, you have to guess at how many walkers "Patty" will run over. Their timely assistance won't save everyone because we still have a number of Alexandrians who need to be thinned out. I would expect that this will be the end of Jessie, Ron and Sam and the end of poor Abraham. Father Gabriel will likely live forever as a thorn in everyone's side. We may lost Tara, Eugene, Spencer, and perhaps Sasha in the next episode. I am betting that there will be some "remix" of what happens in the comic version and perhaps no one who has been with the show for at least three seasons will die.

Given that Deanna and Abraham have made their "plans," that's a pretty good indication that the next episode is their last. I don't see how Ron makes it. Glenn, Enid, and Daryl are probably safe but who knows? This is a crazy show and a crazy season. I shouldn't even try to guess, but there you have it.