Nothing is Shocking About Hollywood

Well, that was an exercise in depravity, wasn't it?

How does anyone get the money to make an expose-type film about Hollywood anymore? The real scandal is in Washington D.C. and the really beautiful people are programmed to avoid being portrayed in a way outside of the control of their publicity machine. Everything now is fake and staged. The only times when that wall comes down is when someone runs out of the money needed to keep the screeners and the handlers in place.

The only reason why you're hearing about Justin Bieber is because he has offended too many powerful people. If he was gracious and polite, he could run around his neighborhood with a Mercedes Benz symbol jammed up his rear end day and night and no one would notice. As soon as you run afoul of the wrong people, you're done in Hollywood. An expose on the power of the gossip sites like TMZ and the influence of handlers would be interesting enough but there's very little left to skewer.

Most of the inside-baseball movies like The Player by Robert Altman found small audiences when they were released. They weren't big films, and they weren't really intended to be hits. They were the negotiated results of what passes for an active film community nowadays. Who traded what to whom in order to make this film with a small budget? How did they get the thing made based on having little more than a wink and nod of a plot? And when no one goes to see it, is the film art or is it a specific form, like satire? How does a marketing department sell the public on something like that? I mean, you want to find an audience but why would you intentionally limit that audience to the select few group of people that actually cares about the actualities of Hollywood?

That's why I can't figure out how this film got made--everyone has already made it. You can throw in a few Twitter or Instagram references to bring it up to speed but that's about it.

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