Don't You Know Who I Am?

The sad decline of Alec Baldwin continues unabated:
Actor Alec Baldwin was arrested Tuesday and issued two summonses -- one for disorderly conduct -- after riding a bicycle the wrong way on a New York street, police said.
The "30 Rock" star allegedly became angry and started yelling at cops after they asked him for identification to give him a summons, police said.
Baldwin was not carrying identification and police took him into custody, a law enforcement official said.
The actor reportedly became angry at the officers, yelling "Give me the summons already," a law enforcement official said.
Baldwin was taken to a nearby precinct, where he reportedly asked the desk supervisor: "How old are these officers, that they don't know who I am?" according to a law enforcement official.
The last thing anyone should ask a police officer is if they know who you are. That's the loaded question of the age. In all of the English language, there's nothing sadder than trying to exchange accountability for being a celebrity.

If you're an adult male, and if you're riding your bike in the wrong place and going the wrong way in a large urban area, shut the hell up and do what the cops tell you to do. This is not abuse of power--this is traffic and safety enforcement. Big difference.

Mr. Baldwin needs to move to Malibu. There, the cops won't immediately beat him senseless when he asks them if they "know who he is." They'll politely assess his value to the film community, whether or not he's had a recently large grossing film, and then they will call an agent or a publicist and behave accordingly. He's not Mel Gibson, so he should be fine out there.