Atari Landfill

Well, well, well:
Three hours of digging with a backhoe uncovered significant amounts of Atari 2600 game cartridges - many of which were still in their original packaging.
One urban myth has turned out to be accurate. I was never much of a fan of video games. They were around, and they were available, but I never cared enough to actually buy a console or get into them. My first "video game" was Wolfenstein for the PC.

This game was loaded onto two diskettes.

The full version of Doom fit on six of them, I believe.

It was okay, I guess, but once I played a little Hexen and X-Wing, I was pretty much done with video games. I believe that these games were a form of art, albeit a very commercialized form. I think that they were innovative and ahead of the curve as far as bringing a design philosophy to a new form of entertainment.