Let Ryan O'Neal Keep the Painting

'If you go back through the history between Ryan O'Neal and Farrah Fawcett, it's fairly clear that there were disputes over property and personal effects. Divorce does that to people.

O'Neal believed it was within his rights to take a painting of Fawcett and keep it for his son. The painting could be worth millions. But a painting you can't or won't sell isn't worth a nickel. I think that there should be an understanding between the O'Neal family and the university that is claiming ownership of the painting that the piece cannot be sold commercially without giving the school a chance to buy it first for a reasonable price.

Fawcett's intentions should not be ignored, however. Providing for her surviving children should be the primary consideration when it comes to the handling of the issues surrounding the Andy Warhol portrait.

My question is, what if the Warhol declines in value? What if it skyrockets? Who is willing to bet that, in twenty years, it will be worth $12 million when it could be worth five times that much?