The Implosion of the Film Industry

Here's what you need to know about what happened this weekend. A big budget tent pole film bombed miserably, ruining Johnny Depp's attempt to remain relevant as a movie star. No one has slipped more than Depp as far as matching projects with what people are willing to go see. File The Lone Ranger away with a slew of insufferably bad films that Depp has brought to audiences.

The film industry is suffering a major breakdown. Massive amounts of money are being spent to produce films no one wants to see. There are always bombs; the industry thrives on them because they help form arguments about what to do and what NOT to do. The bombs that are going off now are ones that get people fired and leave the people making movies scratching their heads.

How does a sequel of a middlingly-successful animated film not produced by Pixar beat a first-run $250 million dollar action film? How do you plan for that?

You don't. And that's why the film industry is due for a reckoning.