Sovereign Citizens

This is actually part of the strategy of the sovereign citizen movement--take everything that the Federal government has in terms of handouts and put nothing back into the "coffers" of the government.

The Bundy family represents the most successful sovereign citizen outfit in America. They should be prosecuted as a syndicate or a crime family because this is part of a systemic effort to avoid taxation and the paying of fees in order to profit from Federally owned resources. To the Bundy's the fact that the Federal government gave them a "loan" is just part of the scam. They spent that money and laughed about it. They will not pay it back, of course. That's for suckers.

You're the sucker because you weren't smart enough to get a loan that you won't pay back for your "kin" or family.

Hypocrites? No, they're not hypocrites. They hate the government and they're not shy about taking money from it in order to "cripple" it because they don't have any shame. They'll take every penny they can get and whatever else. They don't care about fraud and they don't recognize the courts or official looking papers in the mail. They thumb their nose at it because they've already abandoned any pretense of living like regular citizens.

The worst thing a local cop or deputy sheriff will ever run into is not necessarily an armed criminal. It is a sovereign citizen who is armed has no intention of complying with lawful orders. Yes, they're one and the same thing, but anyone who self-identifies themselves as "sovereign" triggers a lot more alarms than a common criminal.

Supplements Made From Nothing

Health supplements are made out of nothing?

And they don't benefit the health and well being of anyone?

What the hell?

You would think that, in a just society, the outright quackery and for-profit bullshit of supplement companies--Herbalife, I am staring right at you, you sons of bitches--would lead to regulation and common sense rules protecting consumers.

Guess again.

We need real reform for consumer protection in this country, and as long as we're stuck in the politics of stupid, we'll never get it. We have grown men leading state governments and men who hold elected office who are unafraid to tell us their expert opinions on how vaccines are dangerous, but we can't get anything done about snake oil salesmen who prey on consumers and sell them garbage.

Out of My Mind on Dope and Speed

The only way to get a hold of David Cameron, who is the Prime Minister of Great Britain, is to be out of your mind on coke and booze:
The man who claims to be behind the hoax phone calls to David Cameron and to GCHQ has said he was “off [his] face on booze and cocaine” at the time.

The prankster allegedly rang up The Sun newspaper to boast "I've just made monkeys out of GCHQ” minutes after his phone conversation with the Prime Minister.

He told the newspaper the situation was “hilarious” and added: "I'm definitely going to do it again. It was so easy."

The caller, who successfully obtained a private mobile number for director Robert Hannigan from GCHQ, is thought to have contacted their switchboard pretending to be a Downing Street aide
 Isn't this an indication that David Cameron is actually doing his job? When a social engineering effort successfully penetrates the security apparatus of the state, don't you feel better knowing that the man responsible for defending your country is actually the fellow who picks up his phone, ready to do his job?

If You Don't Believe in God, at Least Believe in Not Being a Pain in the Ass

Come now, what's this nonsense?
Air Force members once again have the option of omitting the phrase “so help me God” from their enlistment and appointment oaths. The service joins the other three military branches in making the phrase optional for its service members, a practice it had followed until last year when a legal review determined there could be no omissions of the phrase.
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The Pentagon said today its General Counsel had determined that the Air Force cannot compel its airmen to include the phrase in its oaths. The Air Force says it will institute the change immediately, returning to a practice it had changed last year.
The issue had arisen in August when an unidentified airman at Creech Air Force Base in Nevada was denied re-enlistment after he refused to take a re-enlistment oath that ends with the phrase “so help me God.” The airman, who is an atheist, was told by superiors that, according to Air Force regulations, he must include the phrase so his re-enlistment could be processed.
Airman Snuffy sounds like a pain in the ass to me. He sounds like one of those millennials who won't eat their peas or vote for a Republican. Someone is going to have to tell the First Shirt about him and count how many times he goes off of the base to buy that synthetic marijuana or whatever it is.

If you don't believe in God, good for you. If you don't want to do what the Air Force tells you, don't re-enlist (assuming, of course, that this same Airman used the words "so help me God" when he enlisted in the first place).

None of the Founding Fathers believed in God (save that anti-Catholic bigot John Jay) because they were men of the Enlightenment. They knew about oaths and duty, and they knew that the masses were well in the thrall of organized religion and needed to be cowed and led by their ministers and pastors. The country they built separated Church from State to make it easier to keep people in line. Airman Snuffy thinks he is above all of that. Good for him. He can go home and detail cars.

Military service is not about your fee-fees or your beliefs. It is about putting the needs of the mission at hand before your own needs. Your relationship with the God who does not exist is your business. It is not the business of the United States Air Force to do anything except ask you to recite an oath so that, when you screw up, they can kick you out for violating that oath.

Alex Castellanos Pulls the Lever and Gets a Laugh

Alex Castellanos is my favorite kind of Republican--reality never bothers him. He goes with his gut. He sticks with what he feels, evidence be damned. His opinions aren't worth much because of this focus on what he feels over what he sees right in front of him. In other words, he's your average television pundit with your average record of being wrong more often than not. Laugh and point at the prettified man who thinks he knows something.

There is a bust cycle happening in American politics, and the Republicans are lucky the Democrats haven't been better at taking advantage of the fact that the wheels have come off the wagon pulling the GOP into the ditch.

The point Castellanos is making isn't a terrible one--there are population cycles in rabbit populations that decent people could talk about over the dinner table. But bunny sex doesn't work with live television.

Out Come the Long Knives

Their silence has ended. Moderate or "sane" Republicans everywhere have had enough of this Tea Party Bullshit. I believe the correct response is, 'boo hoo.'

When it suited the power structure of the Republican Party, they were more than eager to allow the Tea Party bombthrowers to become a populist revolt against That Negro in the White House and they encouraged the fire that is consuming them. They were silent for years--years at a time--when the dysfunction of the shutdown, obstructionist Congress was evident for all to see.

The end result of all of this are hundreds of thousands of Americans out of work--millions, when you get right down to it. Lives have been altered forever and workers have abandoned being productive. These same county chairmen and stalwart Republicans allowed a seminal movement with little popular support to gain control of the Congress and block things like jobs bills and infrastructure improvements and proper oversight.

They cheered the wars that created several million Veterans who are now going without benefits because, well, the government they hate is the one they can't stop trying to get elected to for life. It goes on and on--science funding, Head Start programs, taking care of the aged, the sick and disabled. We are seeing what a heartless, merciless society would look like if these same "moderates" were allowed to keep letting the Tea Party nullify the idea of a modern America.

Here Comes the Wave of Hate

The end result of something like this should be considered positive; an effort to improve public health is actually working.

What we can expect is a wave of hate and indignation--outrage and viciousness--directed at Michelle Obama. You can hear the desperate wingnuts getting ready to stomp their way through elementary schools, lifting up chubby kids and scientifically recording the things that reinforce their opinions.