There is No Path to Victory for Jim Webb

A decent man has been listening to fools:
Former presidential candidate Jim Webb may be ready to get back in the race. He’s expected to discuss the possibility right here in North Texas today.
CBS 11 News has learned Webb will discuss his intentions to make another run for the White House when he addresses the Dallas World Affairs Council at the Belo Mansion this afternoon.
On February 9, the World Affairs Council tweeted happy birthday to the former senator and said he would be sharing his “5 Most Important Principles for Foreign Policy” at the luncheon today.
You have to have a party apparatus behind you to run for President unless you're--

1. Running to elevate your name recognition so that you can increase your speaking fees
2. Hearing disjointed voices screaming through pillows made of cheese

In Webb's case, there's no clamor for his leadership and no reason to expect that there is a different group of people out there who would give you millions of dollars to run. You might find people willing to give you thousands to run, and that's a pretty good grift, but you'll never be able to sleep at night.

Shake enough hands with fish and you will look very tasty to bears. That's all I'm saying, and that's the wisest thing you'll hear all day.

UPDATE: Webb decides that it isn't his time.