Ben Carson Would Run the Country Like His Campaign

Talk about an unforced error:
Ben Carson has a new answer for those who ask why he made a detour to Florida to get fresh clothes after Monday's Iowa caucuses rather than buy new ones in New Hampshire: I don't throw my clothes away because that is wasteful — and I will not run the government that way, either.
The retired neurosurgeon, appearing on "The View" Friday, discussed his concerns about the way Ted Cruz's campaign passed along CNN's reporting to organizers that Carson would be leaving the trail to fetch fresh clothes but how it neglected to include a follow-up tweet that Carson was not suspending his campaign. It would have been "very easy" for Cruz's campaign to reach out to clarify, Carson said. “I just think that anybody who accepts this kind of behavior and doesn’t feel that there’s anything that needs to be done about it has a different standard of ethics than I do."
In the last week, Carson has blown through half of his campaign staff. In order to stay afloat, he let half of them go and he slashed salaries. That's how he would run the country?

Carson couldn't carry an extra suitcase with him? That shows a spectacular inability to play beyond a few days. That's how he would run the country?

When he says he won't run the government in a particular way, does he mean that, when President, he'll make detours to Florida in order to pick up clothes because throwing them away would be wasteful? What?

When your candidate does a media appearance, and makes a massive mistake while talking about how great of a planner and manager he is, your best bet is to run on stage, clamp both hands over his mouth, and start screaming about something else.