Get This Young Man Some Help

Honestly, this is not as funny as it sounds:
Were you on the strip in Las Vegas on Saturday night?

Did you see anything suspicious? Say, a guy who looked likeJohnny Manziel if Johnny Manziel pasted on a mustache and stole the hair off Mark Davis' head to use as a wig?
I ask all this, because it's the picture being painted by ESPN Las Vegas radio personality Mitch Moss, who reports the Cleveland Browns quarterback was in Las Vegas on Saturday night through early Sunday morning gambling, dining and partying in disguise.
The ESPN host says that Manziel was in town wearing a blonde wig, fake mustache, sunglasses and a hoodie. Moss also alleges thatManziel was telling people his name was "Billy."
The kid has a drinking problem. As in, he needs to be in a substance abuse program, not the National Football League. At the ripe old age of 23, he has a problem with alcohol. In the past, we would laugh this off because we all know how lovable Ken Stabler was. But Stabler should have gotten some help just like Manziel should get some help.

I mean, damn. It's funny but it isn't.

Why this isn't more apparent, and why there isn't anyone in his life who can provide help and assistance is beyond comprehension. The Cleveland Browns have one obligation here--Manziel is signed to a contract to play for their team. The Browns and the NFL should help Manziel get into a treatment program. Nothing else matters.