Instead of an Emmy, Give Peter Dinklage Better Parts

I agree with this. Peter Dinklage is woefully unappreciated as an actor. What he really needs are the same parts everyone else gets. I have always hated seeing him serve as the butt of a lame joke or as a two-dimensional victim of someone's bigotry about height.

Dinklage needs better parts. He's more than capable of doing whatever people give him. Why not consider him for a part that normally wouldn't go his way?

I have a favorite and it's probably not everyone else's favorite. Well, I have two favorites. The first is the 2005 film Lassie where Dinklage plays a kind of street performer with no hint of self-pity. This is the version filmed in Scotland, Ireland and on the Isle of Man and nobody seems to have ever seen it. The other is, of course, Underdog, which is a guilty pleasure. Watching Dinklage kick the crap out of Patrick Warburton is worth it.