Good Luck With Your Cease and Desist Order Mr. Peterson

Did it occur to Drew Peterson that the people behind Rob Lowe's new project might have the right to do what they're doing?
Drew Peterson is out to stop Rob Lowe's next role.
As we previously reported, the "Parks and Recreation" actor's set to star as the ex-cop accused of killing his third wife and suspected in the disappearance of his fourth wife in an upcoming Lifetime television movie.
Not so fast says Peterson, whose lawyers have filed a cease and desist letter, In Session confirmed.
The letter takes issue with the Lifetime Movie Network film tentatively titled, "Ladykiller: The Drew Peterson Story," which it notes is "written by screenwriter Teena Booth, based on a so-called 'true story' 'non-fiction' book, 'Fatal Vows: The Tragic Wives of Sergeant Drew Peterson' (the 'book'), authored by Joseph G. Hosey, a former reporter with the Chicago area’s Herald News."
The communication goes on to state that the book the movie would reportedly be based on  "is a biased and malicious portrayal, far from a 'non-fiction,' 'true story,'" and  is "a deliberate and calculated assemblage of falsehoods constituting a character assassination."
I think "creative license" comes into play here. The people producing this film clearly own the rights to produce a film based on what's in the book. If Peterson is in the process of suing whoever produced and published the book, okay then. Proceeding with a dramatization might be problematic.

Unfortunately, Mr. Peterson is not in a position to make the case that he is going to be the victim of character assassination if this movie gets produced. I think that the producers are well-versed in what they can and can't get away with and I think that they will, ultimately, deliver a movie to Lifetime that Mr. Peterson simply won't like. Whether he can do anything about it is for the lawyers to figure out.

Here's the lame Leno joke (or whoever). It will be something along the lines of

"Drew Peterson has sent a cease and desist order to the people making Rob Lowe's new movie about him. Peterson claims--did you hear about this?--that having Rob Lowe portray him in the movie is "character assassination." Yeah. Now, if they had gotten Andy Dick to play Peterson, okay, but Rob Lowe? Come on!"
Of course, no one will laugh.